Bear & Son Cutlery expands its line of Bear Edge knives

Bear Edge knives

Photo: Bear Edge 61112

For 2018, Bear & Son Cutlery added eight new pocket knives to its Bear Edge lineup, many of which feature on-demand ball-bearing actions, premium handles and other quality materials.

One of those knives is the Bear Edge 61113 ($45), an American-built pocket knife with a 3 1/4-inch stainless-steel blade that quickly flips open on ball-bearing washers for a swift action typically found on higher-priced knives. Its black aluminum handles offer a comfortable fit in most hands, are easy to clean and are designed to be tough. The new 61113 includes a robust pocket clip that can also be comfortably used as a boot clip.

Another new knife is the Bear Edge 61114 ($60), a 4 3/8-inch stainless-steel frame lock. This American-built knife has a unique modified defensive 440 stainless-steel blade that, using ball-bearing washers, rapidly swings open and firmly locks into place. The 61114’s solid stainless-steel handle is built to last a lifetime and contributes to the overall weight of this knife, allowing users to take advantage of the 61114’s full potential as a truly dependable everyday knife. This new pocket knife includes a reversible pocket clip designed for a deep pocket carry. It could also be utilized as a boot knife.

Then there’s the Bear Edge 61112 ($65), an assisted sideliner that features a 3 1/2-inch 440 stainless-steel blade and an overall knife length of 8 1/8 inches when open. The 61112 offers a G10 handle, ball-bearing washers, assisted opening, a sideliner lock and a reversible pocket clip.