AccuBow Now Available in Realtree EDGE Camo

The AccuBow archery training aid has just been given a new look with Realtree EDGE camo.

AccuBow bundle package

With the addition of the Augmented Reality archery experience at the ATA show in 2018, AccuBow is now offering a new color option with Realtree EDGE camo. The AccuBow bow trainer is available decorated with Realtree EDGE in either the standard model ($159.99) or the bundle package ($225; right) that includes the AccuMount and lifetime replacement parts.

Adjustable from 10-70 pounds, the AccuBow can be used by kids and adults alike. This training device can be used to build strength, improve technique, rehabilitate injuries and increase draw weight. The bubble level kit serves as an indicator of any torque, while the D-loop allows for the use of your regular release, so you can practice the same way you hunt, even if you don’t have a range nearby.

AccuMount for AccuBow

The AccuMount allows for the addition of a smartphone to experience the free interactive Augmented Reality AccuBow app. This allows the user the option of shooting Olympic target archery (photo below) or different bowhunting environments. The interactive app shows where the arrow would’ve hit based on where the bow was aimed when the AccuBand was released.

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