Delta McKenzie Announces 2019 ASA Tournament 3-D Target Lineup

Delta McKenzie has introduced two new 3-D targets; look for them in 2019 ASA tournaments across the country.

Delta McKenzie

Delta McKenzie and the ASA (Archery Shooters Association) have announced the lineup of targets for its 2019 tournament season. The new additions to the Pro Series target lineup now include the tapir and howling wolf. Like all Delta McKenzie 3-D targets, the new tapir and howling wolf models are made in the USA using high-quality materials including Dura Flex foam, which is durable but also provides competitors with easier arrow pull.

Delta McKenzie
Delta McKenzie howling wolf
Delta McKenzie
Delta McKenzie tapir

ASA is proud to feature McKenzie Targets and have them as the exclusive and official 3-D targets for the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour. “When ASA hosts over 2,000 competitors in a weekend, it is great to know we have McKenzie realistic targets that will be there for everyone to enjoy,” said ASA President Mike Tyrell.

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