Easton 2318 Size Shaft Added to Tournament-Grade X-2 Series

If your customers are looking for a high-sheen anodized arrow for use in leagues and tournaments, then show them the new Easton 2318 in the X-2 Series.

Easton 2318

In the opinion of many tournament archers around the world, the made-in-the-USA X27 and X23 are the most precise arrows ever made. With tremendously high standards for spine, weight and straightness (guaranteed +/- .001), the X-2 Series arrow has the precision that gives competitors an edge to pick up the few extra points needed to win at the highest levels of tournament competition.

Easton 2318

Easy-to-See Performance

The high-sheen anodized arrows give archers a scoring advantage and are designed for maximum line-cutting on the unstoppable X7 platform.

The X27 is an ideal arrow choice where regulations allow a maximum diameter 27-class shaft. The X23 sizes, including the new 2318, are World Archery compliant where 9.3mm is the maximum allowable shaft diameter.

The X-2 Series is available in the following five line-grabbing large OD sizes: 2312, 2314, 2315, 2318 and 2712.

For more information on Easton X-2 arrows, visit www.eastonarchery.com.