Easton SuperDrive 27 PRO Offers Maximum Accuracy and Line-Cutting Performance

Your archery customers who shoot tournaments or leagues will love the scoring advantages provided by the new Easton SuperDrive 27 PRO shaft.

Easton SuperDrive 27 PRO

Easton SuperDrive 27 PROEaston introduces the SuperDrive 27 PRO with ± .001 straightness for archers seeking the maximum diameter scoring advantage in a lightweight all-carbon shaft. Designed specifically for tournament use, this high-performance shaft is made with proven Easton SuperDrive all-carbon construction.

The 27/64-inch diameter is ideal for shooters looking for the ultimate arrow at ASA/IBO 3-Ds and NFAA indoor competitions. The SuperDrive 27 PRO is available in a 270 spine with the G-UNI or Super UNI nock system. MSRP: $206.99/dozen.

Easton SuperDrive 27 PRO features:

  • ± .001 Pro-Grade factory straightness
  • High-performance, light-mass, high-strength all-carbon shaft using proven SuperDrive construction
  • Maximum 27/64-inch line-cutting diameter
  • Ideal for indoor and 3-D competition
  • Super or G-UNI nock bushings available