Elite Archery Dominates With 6 Indoor National Wins

Elite Archery National Wins

Elite Archery pro staff members enjoyed six podium finishes at the USA Indoor Nationals and NFAA Indoor Nationals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The culmination of a 13-state USA Archery qualifier resulted in Chance Beaubouef and Kris Schaff shooting against six other archers in the USA Archery Indoor Nationals Final on Friday. Beaubouef and Schaff competed into the final four of bracket rounds, with Schaff taking third and Beaubouef winning the competition.

Schaff only missed one shot on Saturday during the NFAA Indoor Nationals round, but shot a perfect round on Sunday.

“Taking third with shooting three of the best head-to-head matches I’ve ever had was a bittersweet win,” Schaff said. “Missing one on the fifth end during the first day wasn’t what I had planned, but coming back Sunday I kept my composure and shot a 60x for a total of 600 119x. My equipment has performed better than I have ever imagined this indoor season, and now I’m ready to take the Echelon outdoors.”

Seeded seventh in the eight-man lineup, Beaubouef competed through the brackets into the gold medal match and bested Jesse Broadwater for the championship win.

“I don’t think I could have shot my bow much better this weekend,” Beaubouef (below) said. “I kept my nerves under control and executed to the best of my ability. The confidence I have in my equipment plays a huge part in the confidence I have when I compete. This year is kicking off to be a pretty good one, and to get the first win of the season just drives me to work harder for the next one.”

Elite Archery National Wins
Chance Beaubouef

Moving into the NFAA Indoor National rounds on Saturday, defending Vegas champions Keith Trail and Alexis Ruiz set their sights high for the weekend. Ruiz, in her first-ever NFAA Indoor Nationals tournament, was one of two competitors to shoot clean on Saturday. After dropping an X on Sunday, Ruiz finished third in the Professional Female Class. Overall, Trail dropped just one X for the weekend, and outright won the Professional Senior Male class.

Shortly after watching his father, Dee Wilde, win the Silver Senior Professional class, Reo Wilde, along with Chance Beaubouef, Glen Bordwell and Jacob Marlow joined their class of 25 to shoot down in the Professional Male division. After competing through ends, Bordwell and Beaubouef were eliminated together in the fifth round, leaving Marlow and Wilde together on the line. Ultimately, Marlow shot clean through the last two rounds to earn the championship title.

“To say Elite and The Outdoor Group had a successful weekend would be a massive understatement,” said Darrin Christenberry, Elite Archery pro staff manager. “Taking home the wins in the Men’s Pro Freestyle in both the USA and NFAA Indoor Nationals is a testament to the talent on our team. Chance Beaubouef is no stranger to winning tournaments, and it was good to see him back on top in the USA Archery portion of the weekend, and seeing Jacob Marlow win the biggest shoot off in NFAA history was truly awesome. Keith Trail followed up his Vegas win with a first-place finish, and Alexis Ruiz continued her podium streak, finishing third in the Women’s Pro division. I couldn’t be happier with everyone’s support and success.”