Just in Time for Spring Bowfishing: Pine Ridge Archery Finger Savers XL


For traditional shooters and bowfishing fans, Pine Ridge Archery (847-526-2349; www.pineridgearchery.com) now offers the Finger Savers XL ($6).

Like the original Finger Savers, the XL version slides on the bowstring and allows the shooter to quickly and easily draw and shoot without the need for a release aid, finger tabs or a glove. Best of all, the Finger Savers XL is made of soft material that is easy on the hands and can help dampen bowstring noise.


The made-in-the-USA Finger Savers XL comes in a variety of colors and includes a nock set. Larger than the original version to accommodate adults with big hands, the Finger Savers XL allows for three fingers to be placed under the arrow, which helps many users achieve greater accuracy when shooting without sights.

Bowfishing is a messy affair, and for those shooters who don’t want to get carp blood and slime on their favorite glove or finger tab, the Finger Savers XL is an effective and inexpensive solution.