LimbSaver Launches Limited-Edition Bow

To celebrate LimbSaver’s 20-year anniversary in the archery industry, the company is releasing a limited-edition bow.

LimbSaver Founder Steven Sims with the new-for-2019 limited-edition LimbSaver LE compound. Only 1,000 LE bows will be produced.

In recognition of the company’s 20-year anniversary within the archery industry, Steven Sims, founder of LimbSaver/ Sims Vibration Laboratory Inc., released a new limited-edition compound bow at the 2019 ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The new LimbSaver LE (Limited Edition) compound bow is a stable, smooth, fast-shooting masterpiece that is made in the USA and comprised of innovative, quality components. The LE offers variable poundage and utilizes Sigma Cam technology.

Acting as a manifestation of the 20-year milestone, LimbSaver plans to supplement the LE bow as a celebratory “thank you” to its buyers and friends within the industry. The LE bow adorns a tiny mark-up allowing the dealer to double, or ever triple, their standard margins.

The LE has an MSRP of $650, and MAP pricing will be waved. As the name denotes, only 1,000 LE bows will be produced.

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