NASP/IBO 3D Team Adds Two Experienced Staff Members

Longtime youth archery supporters Joel and Christie Zimmer added to the growing NASP/IBO 3D Team.

Christie and Joel Zimmer

With the NASP/IBO 3D Challenge continuing to be the largest youth 3D archery program ever that now includes National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) archers from 40 states, the International Bowhunting Organization has recently announced the addition of Joel and Christie Zimmer to the NASP/IBO 3D Team. Starting with the 2019 NASP season, Joel and Christie will be working with even more states to offer additional State Level NASP/IBO 3D Tournaments.

Together, Joel and Christie have 29 years of experience with NASP and have been a fixture on the bull’s-eye ranges at NASP National and World tournaments for years. “We are excited to have them bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to NASP/IBO 3D to assist us with the continued growth of our amazing sport,” said NASP/IBO 3D Director Ryan Bass.

Currently there are 21 states that hold a state level tournament that prepare NASP archers for National and World level tournaments. Bass continued: “There is a growing demand for more states to hold these tournaments, however many times those states don’t have the time or resources to add another program to their already busy schedules. This is where the IBO can come into those states and hold tournaments for them at no cost to the State.”

With the addition of Joel and Christie to the NASP/IBO 3D Team, IBO will be able to double its reach and offer this exciting opportunity to more NASP archers.

“The addition of both of these wonderful people to the NASP/IBO experience is a tremendous win for students,” said NASP Vice President and General Manager Tommy Floyd. “We are so excited about the continued growth of the NASP/IBO 3D Challenge across the US and beyond. The Zimmers will bring positivity, experience, and a focus on student archers that will add even greater momentum to the largest of youth 3D initiatives. Look for even greater things in the future for the NASP/IBO 3D Challenge!”