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Here’s a look at the latest in bows, arrows, accessories, and archery gear.

Last year, Outdoor Edge introduced the Para-Claw, a paracord bracelet with a small — but effective — blade concealed in the clasp. That product was a hit, but not everyone wants to wear a bracelet (even a paracord bracelet). For those consumers, Outdoor Edge now offers the Para-Claw CQD (Close Quarters Defense) Watch. Like the …

The crossbow is fun for hunting and shooting, but it’s still a weapon. These crossbow safety tips will allow your customers to safely enjoy this tool.

Having inconsistent arrows are always a pain. Here are five common reasons you’re experiencing it.

There has always been a heated debate among the archery community whether or not crossbows deserve a spot at the table. Here’s why they do.

Obsession is known for producing very fast bows that sacrifice only a very small amount of shootability. The Turmoil takes a new, slightly different direction in the Hybrid Cam DE, a true hybrid-cam configuration as opposed to the two-track eccentric designs driving Obsession’s other bows.

The Edge SB-1 is driven by Bowtech’s famous Binary Cam System, which slaves the cams together for better and more consistent timing and makes tuning easier to achieve and maintain.

In an era of smooth, pleasant-shooting bows, it’s remarkable that any manufacturer can generate a lot of buzz for producing smooth, pleasant-shooting bows. That’s what Elite has done with its new bow — the Elite Tempo.

Combining 30 years of innovation in the vertical bow world and a love of long-range rifle shooting, Matt McPherson took 3 years to create a new sniper-like crossbow.

Can stocking scouting gear on your shelves boost your bottom line?

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