Bow Report

Find out what’s new and hot in the bow arena. Our editors share reviews and specifications.

At the shot, vibration is all but nonexistent with the PSE Evoke 31, and it’s plenty fast enough for any hunting scenario.

Bowhunters who put a premium on pleasant shooting qualities and maximum forgiveness will be very happy with the new G5 Prime Logic CT3.

The compact TenPoint Shadow NXT isn’t the company’s most expensive crossbow, but it delivers tremendous dependability, speed and accuracy.

The Parker Poison 30 is for the avid deer hunter who wants to spend well under $1,000 and still enjoy a quiet and pleasant shooting experience.

For bowhunters wanting a smooth draw and pleasant shooting experience, the Darton Spectra-e is a great choice.

Think a fast bow can’t be a smooth bow? If so, you need to check out the Obsession Fixation 6XP.

If your archery shop customers have avoided very fast compounds because the bows aren’t pleasant to shoot, then the PSE Xpedite will certainly surprise them.

The Quest Thrive hits the elusive sweet spot between quality and value. It’s a pleasant shooting bow offering more than adequate speed for hunting any North American big game animal.

We test the new 2018 G5 Prime Logic, which replaces Prime’s Centergy, a bow best known for its steadiness, forgiveness and general shootability.

The flagship 2018 Bowtech Realm features a number of brand-new Bowtech technologies. See how it performed in our tests.