Bow Report

Find out what’s new and hot in the bow arena. Our editors share reviews and specifications.

We test the new 2018 G5 Prime Logic, which replaces Prime’s Centergy, a bow best known for its steadiness, forgiveness and general shootability.

The flagship 2018 Bowtech Realm features a number of brand-new Bowtech technologies. See how it performed in our tests.

Obsession is known for producing very fast bows that sacrifice only a very small amount of shootability. The Turmoil takes a new, slightly different direction in the Hybrid Cam DE, a true hybrid-cam configuration as opposed to the two-track eccentric designs driving Obsession’s other bows.

The Edge SB-1 is driven by Bowtech’s famous Binary Cam System, which slaves the cams together for better and more consistent timing and makes tuning easier to achieve and maintain.

In an era of smooth, pleasant-shooting bows, it’s remarkable that any manufacturer can generate a lot of buzz for producing smooth, pleasant-shooting bows. That’s what Elite has done with its new bow — the Elite Tempo.

While it clearly reflects PSE engineering and incorporates some design innovations from last year’s models like the Wide Track limb design from the 2016 target bows, the Evolve is essentially a brand-new bow.

Speed, accurate and exceptional forgiveness — everything you need in a bow.

With the LS-6, Bear provides an option for those shooters who like a bow that is comfortable to shoot, but appreciate the feel and the advantages to be offered by a truly high-performance bow.

The popular Defiant series results in less of a sharp string angle, along with better peep sight position for an improved, more comfortable shooting form.

The Crosscentric Cam entails a partially concentric string payout to produce a smoother draw cycle as well as level nock travel.