Stay safe — and on time — with the Outdoor Edge Para-Claw CQD Watch

Last year, Outdoor Edge introduced the Para-Claw, a paracord bracelet with a small — but effective — blade concealed in the clasp.

That product was a hit, but not everyone wants to wear a bracelet (even a paracord bracelet). For those consumers, Outdoor Edge now offers the Para-Claw CQD (Close Quarters Defense) Watch. Like the bracelet version of the Para-Claw, this watch allows you to keep a blade close at hand — literally.

“It’s all about access,” said David Bloch, Outdoor Edge president/CEO. “No matter what, you can always get to your wrist.”

This attractive watch is available in zinc alloy and stainless-steel models, and in medium and large sizes.

Also new in the Para-Claw line for 2018 is the Para-Claw Trainer. This red paracord bracelet conceals a blunt edge ideal for use while practicing deployment skills and defensive counter-techniques.

Of course, the original Para-Claw remains available for 2018 and continues to be available in a number of size and color options.