Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold — Autumn Formula

Scent Killer Gold helps stop human odor, which increases your chances of fooling a wary whitetail’s nose.

Scent Killer Gold

Scent Killer GoldWildlife Research Center now offers Scent Killer Gold Autumn Formula with Hunt Dry Technology Plus ($25) in a convenient 24-ounce spray bottle, along with an additional 24-ounce easy-grip re-filler bottle.

Scent Killer Gold with Hunt Dry Technology Plus was found to be 99 percent effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University 20 days after drying. The Autumn Formula is engineered to fight and help prevent human odor while adding a subtle scent of the woods and forest.

The spray bottle comes equipped with a high-output sprayer that will spray upside down. This feature really shines when spraying the bottom of your boots before hiking into your deer stand.

For more information, visit www.wildlife.com.