8 Great Odor Control Products for Deer Hunters

Hunters can do a better job of controlling the outcome of the deer hunt if they first control those three-alarm odors that put animals on high alert.

8 Great Odor Control Products for Deer Hunters

Today’s odor control/elimination products are formulated to help hunters get by a deer’s incredible nose — helping them get rid of human stink by using scent-elimination products such as body wash and shampoo, field spray and wipes, laundry detergent, etc. This is often coupled with the use of cover scents and scent elimination treated garments that further mask human odor and put nervous deer more at ease.

Scent elimination begins in the laundry room. There are a great number of laundry detergent products available designed to effectively kill the bacteria that produces offensive odors. Scent elimination sprays can also be used on site to spray down boots, backpacks, caps and any other items that didn’t go through the laundry. OK, your clothes are scent free, but about that stinky, bacteria-producing body? The solution lies in the shower, where scent eliminating body wash and shampoo can be used to kill those offensive human odors. Help your customers stop the stink by keeping these high-quality odor crushing products in stock.


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