Badlands ATX 25 Backpack

Haul gear in and pack meat out efficiently with the Badlands ATX 25 backpack.

Badlands ATX 25 Backpack

New Badlands ATX backpacks are available in Approach GT camo (above), Approach OG camo or the solid color Mud.

At the top of the Badlands All-Terrain Xtreme (ATX) hunting pack hierarchy, sits the head honcho. The big cheese. El Presidente — the ATX 25. Leading the lineup with 2,500 cubic inches of storage, it features a lightweight yet strong internal frame; comfort-focused, molded foam suspension; and a built-in waist belt. The ATX 25 is a streamlined, uncomplicated frame pack, made for heavier loads and hauling home the harvest. It’s also compatible with Badlands hydration reservoirs, SWAP accessory system and Bino Connect bino harnesses. With its lightweight, straightforward design, this hunting pack is all-terrain, all the time. Weight: 3.85 pounds; dimensions: 10x13x25 inches. Other models in the line include the ATX 12 and ATX 16. MSRP: $249.99/ATX 25. Contact:


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