Behind the Scenes With MTM Case-Gard

MTM Case-Gard’s Nate Minneman explains how the company began in 1968 and what has set it apart from its competition ever since.

Behind the Scenes With MTM Case-Gard

For almost 60 years, MTM Case-Gard has provided tough, dependable, top-notch products at affordable prices for archery and firearms shooters. The company has been family owned and operated since 1968, and it strives to be innovative in its approach to the shooting sports.

Its products have been designed by a team member as a solution to a problem, or because of customer suggestions. MTM’s products are guaranteed for 5 years, and its hinged products for 10 years, unless otherwise noted.

MTM archery products include cases to protect and transport fixed and expandable broadheads, 6-12- and 18-arrow cases, and 6- and 12-bolt cases for crossbow shooters. Another top-seller is a broadhead wrench and nock adjustment tool, which is a great impulse buy suggestion at the register; “Don’t forget this for your kit” is a nice way to suggest that customers consider the tool.

Along with archery products, MTM offers storage, transport and protective cases or products for ammunition, firearms, hunting, reloading, gun cleaning, choke tubes, shooting range gear, shooting tables, target stands and more. I’ve used MTM Case-Gard products for years for broadhead and arrow protection along with easy ammunition transport and safety. Knowing my broadheads or .308 Win. cartridges are secure and can be stored in tough, durable cases gives me peace of mind.

We talked this month with MTM  Case-Gard’s Nate Minneman to learn more about the company.


AB: Thanks for visiting with us this month. MTM Case-Gard is one of the industry’s great legacy companies. How did MTM get its start?

NM: When MTM’s founder, Bill Minneman, was benchrest shooting in the early 1960s, he found that ammo boxes, which at the time consisted of thin cardboard, would eventually fall apart, especially when they got wet. The boxes also weren’t great for storing ammo long-term, as they could take only so much wear and tear in transport to and from the rifle range. So, he set out to solve that problem by building a durable, plastic ammunition box. Now, more than 50 years later, Bill’s second and third generations — like me — continue to work to help solve similar problems, build durable products, and make the shooting sports experience a little easier.


AB: What was the first product, or first group of products, that MTM produced?

NM: The first product was the 50-round ammo box for .222 Rem. to .375 H&H Mag.


AB: You have a wide range of products, from small ammunition cases for .22 cartridges to large ones for transport and storage. This includes archery, firearms and general storage. How do you keep up with industry trends so you know what to focus on, trim, add, etc.?

NM: That’s a great question and the answer is fairly simple: Our team is actively involved in all the areas you mentioned — archery, firearms, general storage, etc. But beyond that, our customer service team is still on site, happy to help, and always open to hearing customer feedback.

AB: Storage seems incredibly specialized today. Where do you see the industry going in the next 5-10 or more years?

NM: That’s a tough question. If you find a definitive answer let us know. We strive to be innovative, and at the end of the day our goal is to continue to solve problems to make the shooting sports experience a little easier. There’s no better way to innovate than to be close to the action. For our archery and storage products, we have found a lot of our solutions in the process of hunting whitetails nearby here in south-central Ohio.


AB: If I remember correctly, MTM Case-Gard is one of a handful of companies that has attended every SHOT Show.

NM: SHOT Show is great. As of this interview, we just returned from this year’s gathering. It’s always exciting to see where the industry is going and talk to folks. As one of the American manufacturers at the show, we’re honored to continue to serve the shooting sports community.


AB: In what ways does MTM Case-Gard support your community, such as helping with high school trap teams, giving money to Little League teams, etc.?

NM: In 2022 we gave away products to support shooting sports club fundraisers across the country. One instance that stuck out to me was the opportunity last October to provide products to a fundraiser in southwest Florida to rebuild a shooting sports facility damaged by Hurricane Ian. We try to give back as much as we can, and we’re always open to hearing new ways we can give back.

AB: Do you have some employees who have been with you for 20 years? 30? Longer? Anyone in particular that you’d like to recognize for their hard work?

NM: We have a couple of folks who have been with the company for 30-plus years, and we credit that to a sense of family we try to cultivate at the company. We have company gatherings throughout the year where we get to bond, celebrate our successes and plan for rainy days.


AB: How would you describe the work culture at MTM to keep employees engaged and enthusiastic?

NM: We’re a team, and we all accept that we wear many hats. As with any manufacturing operation, we all have to be problem-solvers. We’re constantly impressed by how folks step to handle difficult situations.


AB: What is the biggest strength of your company?

NM: Being an American manufacturer means we not only are close in proximity to our customers, but we also are proud to make 99 percent of our product line right here in Dayton, Ohio.


AB: What should outdoor retailers know about working with MTM Case-Gard?

NM: We love talking to retailers and seeing how we can help. Don’t be afraid to call (937-890-7461) or reach out via our website.

AB: Anything else we should know about the company?

NM: Folks have trusted us to carry their arrows and archery gear for years. We hope to continue to help by providing American-made accessories for years to come. One new product we’re releasing this year, called the Mule, could save hunters a lot of time by keeping all their boots, clothes, gear, etc. in one place. It’s our largest storage crate with 81 quarts of O-ring sealed storage, and it’s available to retailers now.

For more information on MTM Case-Gard, visit its website:


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