Behind the Scenes With Vantage Point Archery

Vantage Point Archery Marketing Manager Alex Christianson explains how the company grew out of a successful machine shop — Absolute Machining — and why its Made in the USA broadheads are unlike any others on the market.

Behind the Scenes With Vantage Point Archery

Vantage Point Archery offers a variety of broadheads and other products for hunting and competition, all made at its production facility in Indiana. Capitalizing on the growing interest in beveled heads, VPA’s Omega broadhead is tough, durable and easy to sharpen. The company has expanded into firearms and other outdoors products, thanks to its background in CNC machining and employees who are interested in the outdoors.

Alex Christianson, VPA’s marketing manager, joins us this month to lend some insight on the company and its products.

Marketing Manager Alex Christianson
Marketing Manager Alex Christianson

AB: Thanks for talking with Archery Business. Vantage Point Archery grew out of a company called Absolute Machining, which had no outdoors products. Now you’ve expanded into archery and firearms. Can you tell us a little about both companies, what Absolute Machining does, and how Vantage Point Archery came to be?

AC: VPA’s roots run deep in precise custom machining. We started out as a machine shop more than 20 years ago, whose employees had an interest in archery. That machine shop, Absolute Machining, is still a powerhouse for custom machining in the Midwest and beyond. We are fortunate to have a sister company with extensive experience in CAD design, pre-production consultation, engineering, material purchasing and more.

We heavily invest in new equipment to keep our shop at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We have the capabilities to manufacture not only for the archery industry, but also for other industries. We machine broadheads, field points, arrow footers and other archery accessories. We also can manufacture components for bows, sharpeners, presses and more. We manufacture for the firearms industry, too, providing our customers with gunsmithing, reloading, competition rest, and barrel changing accessories equipment. Other industries we serve include industrial, aluminum extrusion, U.S. military, automotive, aerospace and medical.

VPA was founded in 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The VPA team knew there was a demand in the market for better-quality archery products, and our founders wanted to be part of the solution.

AB: What was the first product introduced by VPA?

AC: Our first ambition was to create an indestructible broadhead. As I said, our founders had a well-established background in the manufacturing industry, as well as all the necessary equipment and technology needed. We wanted a simple broadhead design that would be tough, accurate and easy to maintain. Our outcome was a one-piece, CNC precision-machined broadhead. We continued to fine-tune our design until we felt confident and were ready to put our product on the market.

VPA offers two-blade single bevels, two-blade double bevels, and three-blades. Its single-bevel Omega is a top seller.
VPA offers two-blade single bevels, two-blade double bevels, and three-blades. Its single-bevel Omega is a top seller.

AB: You have single bevel, double bevel, two- and 3-blade, turkey blade, small-game thumpers … you have more than five dozen products. How do you stay on top of everything to keep the quality at your high standards?

AC: Customer feedback is our main consideration when designing new products. We use their feedback to add new products into our lineup (expanding grain weights, blade styles, etc). and have always utilized any feedback we receive to improve existing products. 

We take customer feedback to our engineering team. From there, they dedicate the time and energy necessary to create a product that fills a need in the industry and/or improve what’s been previously available in the market. Our team places the utmost importance on ensuring the design of our products provides superior quality and structural integrity.

VPA’s extensive selection of broadheads enables us to be able to serve a large customer base. Whether you are new to the industry or well-seasoned, interested in maximum FOC, shoot compound, crossbow, or traditional, or are just looking for a durable, ethical, 100 percent American-made broadhead – VPA has something for you.

AB: Tell us about the VPA Omega broadhead. It looks like a pretty tough and hard-hitting yet easy-to-sharpen head.

AC: Our customers asked for a durable, easy to sharpen, single bevel broadhead - and we delivered. The new VPA Omega Broadhead — available now — is a solid, one-piece, precision-machined, American-made broadhead that uniquely combines all the desirable features of a single bevel head with the edge strength of a double bevel head.

The greatest feature of all? Its patent-pending LAYFLAT sharpening technology makes it the easiest two-blade ever to sharpen (photo below). Rather than getting in the way during sharpening, the ferrule is machined to act as a guide, laying at the same angle as the blade edge. Just lay it flat on a sharpening stone and push, pull, or move in circles – no jigs, no hassle.

The VPA Omega features patent-pending LAYFLAT sharpening technology, which makes it easy for anyone to resharpen the single-bevel head on a stone.
The VPA Omega features patent-pending LAYFLAT sharpening technology, which makes it easy for anyone to resharpen the single-bevel head on a stone.

The VPA Omega incorporates many patent-pending features that make it unique in the industry. It showcases a smoothly integrated ferrule that forms a wedge from tip to tail, designed to hold the wound channel open and allow the arrow shaft to pass through without interference. The sharp Tanto tip cuts on contact, time-tested for penetrating meat and bone.

Directly following the tip is a massive rotation-inducing diamond cross-section blade that uniquely combines the bone splitting action of a single bevel broadhead with the edge toughness inherent in a double bevel broadhead. After the bone begins to split, the mechanical advantage of the wedge-shaped ferrule acting in concert with rotation of the true single bevel blades causes devastating fracturing of the bone. The sharp single bevel blades then slice through arteries and organs like a fine razor, causing massive bleeding and deep penetration.

The VPA Omega features a 1 1/16-inch cutting diameter - designed purposefully to maintain excellent flight characteristics while also aiding in deep penetration and minimizing deflection from bone impact. This game-changing broadhead sets a new standard for single bevels.

Machined from S7 tool steel, the VPA Omega is without any doubt a premium two-blade broadhead. Combining durability, dependability and edge retention while at the same time providing a means to keep the broadhead operating at peak performance are the hallmarks of the VPA Omega design.  

In addition to making the broadhead easy and reliable to sharpen, the LAYFLAT sharpening technology also automatically adds a micro-beveled edge to the single bevel portion of the blades. This highly desirable feature increases the durability of the blade edges by locally increasing the edge angle. Now rather than a tedious chore, with LAYFLAT sharpening technology, micro-beveling the blade edges is performed effortlessly during the sharpening process.

Single bevels have skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple years, and there’s no question why — they cause devastating fracturing of the bone. The major drawback of single bevels, however, is they can be extremely difficult to sharpen. Typically, you must purchase a jig or tool to maintain the correct angle of the heads when sharpening. With the VPA Omega, that drawback is eliminated. All that is required to sharpen this head is the head and a sharpening stone, sandpaper or whatever you prefer to sharpen with. To sharpen the VPA Omega, you simply lay it flat and push forward, or pull back, or even go in circles. No jig required. It’s an end to the old way of doing things. Minimal work, maximum results. 

The VPA Omega is the only single bevel broadhead you can re-sharpen with ease. It’s unlike any other broadhead on the market. Shoot, resharpen, reuse, repeat.

The VPA Omega series includes 125-, 150-, 175-, 200-, 250-, 300- and 350-grain right- and left-bevel options. Right-bevel heads should be matched with right helical vanes/feathers, and left-bevel with left helical vanes/feathers.

AB: I’m a dealer and want to hear your 2-minute pitch about Vantage Point Archery. Go!

AC: We have and always will view independent archery shops as the frontlines of the archery community. The work they do to grow the bowhunting industry is invaluable to VPA and bowhunters across the world. We consider ourselves very fortunate to work with our dealers and grow alongside each other. 

The success of our customers and dealers is our top priority. That's why we emphasize creating reliable, quality products to ensure our customers and our dealers’ customers can succeed in their archery endeavors.

VPA now leads the way in precision-machined one-piece products. Our rapid growth can be attributed to strength, quality, performance, customer service that is second to none, and the fact that all of our products are “Proudly Made in the USA.” We pride ourselves on the fact that our products have taken countless trophies, worldwide, including several archery No.1s. Whether you are new to the industry or well-seasoned, VPA offers something for any archery enthusiast.

AB: What do you see for the future of bowhunting and archery companies in the next 5 years and how does Vantage Point fit into that?

AC: In the next 5 years, we envision bowhunting and archery companies continuing to innovate and expand their product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the market. At Vantage Point, we see ourselves playing a pivotal role in this future landscape. With our deep expertise in precise custom machining and our commitment to innovation, we are well-positioned to lead the way in developing cutting-edge archery products.

As we look ahead, we are excited to leverage these capabilities to launch new products that push the boundaries of performance and quality. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we are confident that Vantage Point will continue to thrive and make significant contributions to the future of bowhunting and archery.

Vantage Point Armory, which is part of the Vantage Point family of brands, recently introduced its patent-pending Pistol Compensators for minimizing recoil. Rail-mounted and light-mounted models (shown) are available. No threaded barrel required, legal in all 50 states, and made in the USA.
Vantage Point Armory, which is part of the Vantage Point family of brands, recently introduced its patent-pending Pistol Compensators for minimizing recoil. Rail-mounted and light-mounted models (shown) are available. No threaded barrel required, legal in all 50 states, and made in the USA.

AB: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers about Vantage Point?

AC: Vantage Point Archery has proudly announced a strategic brand expansion, unveiling a dynamic new identity, Vantage Point, that encompasses three sub-brands: Vantage Point Archery, Vantage Point Armory, and Vantage Point Outdoors.

With a legacy in precision-machining high-quality broadheads within the archery industry, Vantage Point is embracing a new era of growth and innovation. The decision to expand the brand to include Armory and Outdoors is fueled by a commitment to applying machining expertise to a broader range of products and experiences.

The new Vantage Point logo (above) is a visual representation of our evolution. Featuring mountain peaks, gear elements and a compass, it symbolizes the challenges we embrace, our commitment to precision, and the fusion of our expertise across all our brands. The inclusion of a compass signifies not only our dedication to guiding customers on their outdoor journeys, but also symbolizes our unique "vantage point" – a perspective rooted in experience, craftsmanship and a passion for exploration.

As we embark on this exciting journey, customers can anticipate an enhanced product portfolio, exciting collaborations, and a renewed focus on delivering top-tier products for all their outdoor pursuits. For example, we recently launched our new patent-pending Pistol Compensators.

In addition to checking out our website,, I invite you to join us on our new social media pages for Vantage Point Archery (@vparchery), Vantage Point Armory (@vparmory), and Vantage Point Outdoors (@vpoutdoors). Engage with us for behind-the-scenes insights, exclusive content, and the latest updates.


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