Carp Killer: Cajun Archery Winch Pro Reel

If your customers are looking for a hard-working bowfishing reel for this spring and early summer, then you should stock the Cajun Winch Pro Reel.

Cajun Winch Pro Reel

Cajun Winch Pro ReelBowfishing is a fast-paced sport, especially during spring, when carp and other roughfish are spawning in shallow water. Cajun Archery (800-694-9494; recently introduced its Cajun Winch Pro Reel ($130), which offers single-handed reeling action along with the function of a fighting wheel brake which allows you to “winch” fish back to the boat.

The Winch Pro has a wide range of horizontal and vertical adjustments, and it comes with 25 yards of 250-pound-test, high-visibility white line. This tough and dependable system includes an adjustable ceramic string guide for a smooth line feed, as well as solid-aluminum mounting brackets and frame. Stainless-steel hardware is included, too.

Sure, archery deer season is just around the corner, but encourage your customers to keep sharp now by pursuing carp and other roughfish. It’s a lot of fun and also removes harmful species from our lakes and rivers.

Cajun Winch Pro Reel