Hot Shot Haze Release Bridges the Gap

For archers who want to try a handheld release, the Hot Shot Haze with wrist strap offers the best of both worlds.

Hot Shot Haze

Getting customers who are accustomed to wrist-strap releases to try a handheld release can be tricky. The Haze release from Hot Shot offers the confidence of a comfortable leather wrist strap with the feel and functionality of a handheld release.

Available in three- and four-finger models, the Haze has a 360-degree adjustable thumb barrel with variable projection, angle and length to ensure a comfortable fit in any hand. The “zero noise” internal actuating system and ultra-crisp trigger with adjustable tension make the Haze feel like a target-grade release without the sticker shock; MSRP is $116.99.

Hot Shot Haze
The new Hot Shot Haze release is available in three- and four-finger models.

Hot Shot Haze Release Features and Benefits

  • Three- or four-finger handle
  • Fully adjustable trigger tension
  • Zero noise actuating system
  • Automatic closing jaw
  • No trigger set requirement
  • Fully adjustable thumb barrel
  • Comfortable leather wrist strap
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100 percent made in the USA

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Hot Shot Haze