Keith Trail Shoots First Perfect 900 in Compound Senior Championship History

Southeastern Archery Owner Keith Trail recently made history at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.

Keith Trail
Keith Trail
Keith Trail celebrates his perfect score and victory at The Vegas Shoot.

Keith Trail is a retired 82nd Airborne Division U.S. Army paratrooper, a long-time professional archer and owner of Southeastern Archery in Franklin, West Virginia. In other words, the phrase “been there, done that” would accurately describe his life. That said, he recently accomplished something that had never been done before: shooting a perfect 900 score in the Compound Senior Championship archery division.

Trail attended the 2019 World Archery Festival in Las Vegas (known as The Vegas Shoot) in search of his second consecutive title in the Compound Senior Championship division. After 3 days of competition, he walked away with not only another championship title, but also the only perfect 900 score ever recorded in the history of the Compound Senior Championship division. (Reminder: Maximum number of points per arrow is 10; 30 arrows per day for 3 days, so 90 arrows total; 90×10= perfect score of 900.) As it turned out, Trail needed to be perfect to win because two other archers in the senior division, Scott Starnes and Kendall Woody, both shot 899s.

As a GAS Bowstrings pro staff archer, he was quick to give credit to his equipment. “When I have to rely on my equipment during a pressure situation to get me through, I only rely on GAS Bowstrings,” said Trail. “The crew at GAS doesn’t just supply me with strings, they provide me the ability to never have to worry about my strings. EVER!”

“It was super exciting to see Keith win this event in perfect fashion,” said GAS Bowstrings President Eric Griggs. “Keith has been a long-time friend and works so hard at this sport. It’s great to see that hard work pay off on archery’s biggest stage.”

Trail shot a Martin Archery Axxon 40 during the Vegas competition.