RubLine Marketing Hires New Marketing Director

RubLine Marketing announced the hiring of Bo Adams as marketing director for its portfolio of brands.

RubLine Marketing


RubLine Marketing
As RubLine’s marketing director, Bo Adams will play a major role in all business processes, including media management and content creation.

RubLine Marketing is a strategic marketing agency with roots deep in the outdoors. Its current client list includes such well-known brands as Cirrus, Rhino Blinds, Scent Crusher, Tactacam, Victory Archery and Xpedition Archery.

The agency recently announced the hiring of industry veteran Bo Adams as its marketing director. Before joining the team at RubLine Marketing, Adams spent the last several years working for Drift Media Productions. Prior to his time there, he worked as the marketing director for Campbell Cameras. Through those roles and others, Adams brings more than 13 years of industry experience to RubLine Marketing. He will oversee content creation and media management, and he’ll play a vital role in the company’s business processes.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Mr. Adams to the team,” said Rubline President Chase Rohlfsen. “He will be responsible for go-to-market strategies and media creation for RubLine’s represented brands, and brings an experienced new skillset to our team.”

Said Adams: “Having worked extensively with the entire RubLine Marketing team in previous roles, we always knew one day we would work under the same roof. With the company’s dramatic growth over the last several years the stars have aligned, and this move made sense. I am very excited for what the future holds, and look forward to being a part of this powerhouse team.”

RubLine Marketing
RubLine Marketing facilitated face-to-face meetings between manufacturers and key writers and editors during the 2019 Archery Trade Association Show.