Sergio Pagni Wins 53rd Vegas Shoot

Sergio Pagni topped 23 other archers in the largest final’s shootdown ever to take the compound open championship at the 53rd Vegas Shoot.

Vegas Shoot

Sergio Pagni, a left-handed compound shooter from Lucca, Italy, is a former world No. 1 ranked archer. He’s won gold medals at events around the globe, including the European Championships, World Archery Championships and World Cup. He recently stepped atop the podium again at the 53rd Vegas Shoot. Pagni also won Vegas in 2016.

“I feel great,” Pagni said. “At the beginning of the week, I said I was confident in my shot, and I was sure I’d make a perfect 900 score. When I look back and see how many other perfect scores were in the final with me, I knew it would be a long journey.”

Vegas Shoot
To win the 53rd Vegas Shoot, Italy’s Sergio Pagni had to beat 23 other archers in the largest final’s shootdown ever to take the compound open championship.

Pagni Shoots Superdrive 27

In winning Vegas, Pagni used the new Easton Superdrive 27, an arrow for archers seeking the maximum diameter scoring advantage in a lightweight all-carbon shaft. The light-mass, 27/64-inch outside diameter (OD) Superdrive 27 is designed for shooters who compete at ASA/IBO 3-Ds and NFAA indoor competitions. It is available in a 270 spine with the G-UNI or Super UNI nock system.

Vegas Shoot
When it comes to cutting lines on targets and achieving high scores, it helps to use arrows with large outside diameters. Sergio Pagni (right) used an Easton Superdrive 27 to win the 53rd Vegas Shoot.

To watch a few highlights of Pagni’s win at the 53rd Vegas Shoot, check out the video clip below.