Six New Bear X Crossbows from Bear Archery

Customers who want an affordable option for horizontal bowhunting should check out the new-for-2019 Bear X crossbows from Bear Archery.

Bear X
Bear X
Bear X Saga 370

Bear Archery recently unveiled six all-new crossbows in its 2019 Bear X lineup. These crossbows are the latest example of package crossbows that deliver performance and value.

“We are pleased to launch the reinvigorating, exciting new models of Bear X Crossbows,” said Dave Parker, Archery General Manager. “Bear X follows the very fundamentals Bear Archery always has in disrupting the price-to-performance ratio and making archery accessible to everyone.”

Bear X Crossbows Lineup

Bear X
Bear X Saga 370 LS

The Saga 370 LS and Saga 370 are ultra-fast crossbows that are dependable, trustworthy enough for the whole family to use, and sleek, lethal hunting tools. Shooting at 370 fps, these crossbows weigh 7.5 pounds and offer 175-pound draw weight. Uncocked, the Saga measures 18 inches wide; it’s 14 inches wide when ready to fire.

The Saga 370 LS is a dealer-only bow with upgraded accessories including an illuminated scope and neoprene sling. The Saga 370 LS is available at retail for $399.99; the Saga 370 is priced at $349.99.

Bear X
Bear X Kronicle

The Bear X Kronicle shoots 370 fps with a draw weight of 185 pounds. The Kronicle includes an illuminated scope, quiver, three carbon bolts, cocking rope, rail lube/string wax. Delivering both performance and value in this ready-to-shoot crossbow package, the Kronicle will be offered at a retail price of $299.99. The Kronicle weighs 7.34 pounds and measures 17.5 inches when ready to fire.

The Vanish is dependable, safe, accurate and fast (370 fps) with a draw weight of 190 pounds. It comes ready to shoot with scope, quiver, three carbon bolts, cocking rope, rail lube/string wax. Measuring 17 inches axle-to-axle when drawn, the Vanish weighs 7.8 pounds. SRP is $259.99.

Bear X
Bear X Vanish

For recreational shooting enjoyment, check out the Desire and Desire RD compact pistol crossbows. Featuring a forearm grip and self-cocking arm for ease of use and safety, the Desire bows are fun to shoot with outstanding performance and speeds of 175 fps and a 60-pound draw weight. The Desire RD includes a red dot sight and three premium bolts; the Desire includes a rear sight and three premium bolts. The Desire RD is priced at only $69.99, while the Desire is even less expensive at $49.99.

Bear X
Bear X Desire (left) and Desire RD

About Bear Archery

Bear Archery is a division of Escalade Sports, which is the parent company to Trophy Ridge archery accessories, Rocket Broadheads, and more. For more information on Bear X crossbows, click here.