TechnoHUNT Video Range

We asked three archery retailers: “Why did you get a TechnoHUNT system, what is it like having one, and is it a worthwhile investment?” Here’s what they said.

TechnoHUNT Video Range

Ryan Barkdull

Diamond Archery

Wichita, Kansas

I initially got the TechnoHunt system because of my kids. They love the simulated hunting situations with moving animals. It’s a game for them, and they enjoy it way more than shooting at conventional targets.

It was pretty simple to get the system installed. When we first got set up, we had our shop in a different location than we do now. A technician came and helped us set everything up. When we built our new facility, we built a tunnel specifically for the TechnoHUNT range, we were able to move and re-install the system ourselves. Not too difficult. 

We’ve had the TechnoHunt system for about 15 years. We spent a couple thousand dollars to update the sensors. We’ve had maybe 30-40 instances in which customers have shot the screen with a regular field point, so we’ve also replaced the screen twice over the last 14-15 years. Other than that, we have to adjust and recalibrate it occasionally.   

We stopped having leagues because sometimes it isn’t very accurate. If customers are just shooting for fun, we remind them that it’s just a game if it’s slightly off. But, when people are shooting for prizes and stuff, it creates a big headache when it doesn’t properly track arrow placement.

TechnoHUNT’s customer support was very positive in the beginning, but lately it has become more difficult to get technical help. Now, they have an outside source — a shop owner from New York — who’s really skilled with electronics and software. TechnoHUNT refers customers to him. He charges an hourly rate to provide help.

From what I’ve noticed in my shop, kids love shooting TechnoHUNT. Target archers hate it because they think it gives them target panic. Bowhunters really love it because it’s a realistic hunting scenario. It took quite a few years, but the system has definitely paid for itself.

Kevin Jopp

Doc’s Archery

North Tonawanda, New York

Getting our TechnoHUNT system drew in a lot of different people for leagues and continues to do so. It’s a different type of shooting. People get bored with shooting paper targets. Bringing in something new — animals on a screen — gave them a hunting simulation, which is more exciting. 

Getting it set up is pretty involved. Everything from the height of the projector to the distance from the projector to the screen to the height of the sensors has to be very specific. Also, you run into little logistical problems you don’t initially think about. For instance, we built an interior wall with frame construction to accommodate the range. At first, we had the sensors connected to that wall, but we ran into problems with the system being confused all of the time. One day, we were about 65 feet away from the screen just tapping on the door in that wall, and we could see the graph jumping. It was throwing off the sensors downrange. That’s how sensitive it is. 

So, 3 years ago when I upgraded to the newer system, I built frames and anchored them directly into my cement ceiling. I attached the sensors to those frames. Now, everything works like a dream.  

Another issue we had initially was that we located the computer system approximately 80 feet away from the screen. We learned that having the computer more than 15 feet away from the sensors causes the system to lag and lock up. So, we addressed that.  

Adults are my primary TechnoHUNT customers. My leagues begin in January and run for 12 weeks. I have about 60 shooters throughout the week, and maybe a couple of them are kids. But, I get a lot of kids shooting on weekends with their parents. I’d like to incorporate TechnoHUNT into my youth program more, but it’s really geared toward the hunter.

Kids love the handful of zombie scenes, so I wish TechnoHUNT would create more scenes like that so that we could have blocks of scenes specifically for the kids. I have approximately 80 youths come through each week for my youth program, and they would love to shoot at more non-hunting scenes. 

The system was a very worthwhile investment. It takes at least a couple of years to build up a clientele who become regular TechnoHUNT shooters. But, with the leagues I run, I recouped my investment within about 3 years. 

Bryan Schertz 

On Target Archery

Canton, Texas

We got the TechnoHUNT system 19 years ago when we opened the store. We saw it as a way to keep customers coming in, and there wasn’t another store within 6 hours of us that had TechnoHUNT.

I’ve considered upgrading to the newer system, but this one keeps rolling right along on Windows 98. I had to install a new motherboard at one point. Otherwise, maintenance has just entailed cleaning the sensors and computer box. 

We haven’t changed our rates since we started. We offer 30-minute sessions, and it’s $5.50 per person no matter what. We’re probably very low, but we see it as a way to create more traffic in the store, and from there, it’s our job to put other merchandise in front of the customers that we believe they’ll be interested in.


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