Top 10 Archery Business Stories of 2018

Do you have a favorite archery article from the past year? We’ve checked the numbers, and here are the top 10 Archery Business stories of 2018.

Top 10 Archery Business Stories

Do you have a favorite archery article from the past year? Perhaps it was a bow report or gear review? Maybe some tips on running a more efficient and profitable archery shop? We’ve checked the numbers, and here are the top 10 Archery Business stories of 2018. Did your favorite make the cut?

10: Bow Report: G5 Prime Logic

We tested the new 2018 G5 Prime Logic, which replaced Prime’s Centergy, a bow best known for its steadiness, forgiveness and general shootability. We were certainly interested in how this new bow would perform, and based on the fact that this article cracked our top 10, we weren’t alone.

9: How to Keep Your Top Employees

In a labor market growing tighter every month, employers must take steps to prevent the loss of their top employees to aggressive competitors. If you missed this outstanding article, now’s your chance to catch up.

8: 14 Tough-As-Nails Fixed-Blade Broadheads for 2018

Not all of your customers will choose mechanicals for their big-game pursuits, so it makes good sense to offer a decent selection of bulletproof fixed-blade broadheads. This article showcased 14 such designs.

7: Top 11 Treestands for 2018

Even though ground blinds are growing in popularity each year among whitetail hunters, it’s a fact that the vast majority of bowhunters prefer sitting in treestands whenever possible. Here, we detailed 11 killer picks for a bird’s-eye view.

6: 10 Best Bowhunting Jackets for 2018

From early to late season, the best bowhunting clothing provides comfort and performance. This article ranked higher than we would have guessed; perhaps you should consider adding a bit more clothing to your archery shop offerings in 2019?

5: Best New Crossbows for 2018

2018’s crop of new crossbows offered speed, safety, stability and more. Regardless of where you stand on the crossbow debate, the fact remains that many of your customers are interested in learning more about these hunting tools.

4: How to Address a Negative Review on Social Media

Your archery shop receives a negative review on social media. What you do next could make a huge difference in how other consumers view your business. This article cracked our top 5 and we were not surprised; this topic is top of mind for archery shop owners from coast to coast.

3: 10 Best New Ground Blinds for 2018

Each year more and more deer hunters are in the market for a topnotch ground blind. In this popular article, we showcased the 10 best new blinds for 2018.

2: 10 Best Budget Bows for 2018

Ranking No. 2 on our list of popular stories, this one featured great buys from many of the top bow brands on the planet. The article detailed bows for everyone from the farmland deer hunter to the backcountry elk addict.

1: Best Bow Sights for 2018

Regardless of whether your customer was looking for a fixed-pins sight or one with a movable pin, one of these 22 new bow sights was sure to please. The article was our most popular during 2018; perhaps you should increase your selection of bow sights for 2019?