14 Tough-As-Nails Fixed-Blade Broadheads for 2018

Not all of your customers will choose mechanicals for this upcoming season, so it makes good sense to offer a decent selection of bulletproof fixed-blade broadheads.
14 Tough-As-Nails Fixed-Blade Broadheads for 2018

Sure, some broadheads are better than others depending on the hunting situation, but virtually all of them are high-quality products designed to enhance a bowhunter’s overall success. Here are 14 fantastic fixed-blade broadheads to consider stocking this season.

fixed-blade broadheadsBloodsport Reckoning

Known for the unique Blood Ring on its carbon arrow line, Bloodsport (800-591-4050; www.bloodsportarchery.com) introduces the Reckoning Broadhead System. Utilizing a single ferrule with revolutionary planing-eliminating Scooptail technology, the Reckoning offers multiple customization options to maximize versatility by giving the hunter the ability to swap out blades on one ferrule. Blade options run from the Deep Cut and Wide Cut ($25/3-pack) blades to the Turkey Lopper and Turkey Body Shot ($30/3-pack) blades for those springtime affairs. The cut-on-contact tip and stainless-steel design ensures durability and deep penetration.

DirtNap D.R.T

To add a little color enhancement to your archery rig, you really can’t overlook what DirtNap (855-859-3478; www.dirtnapgear.com) brings to the table with the D.R.T ($40/3-pack) series (below). Available in eye-catching colors like blue, green, red, black and orange, the D.R.T has .051-inch-thick stainless blades and a 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule that is Teflon-coated to deliver maximum penetration. The patented Modular Weight System allows this fixed-blade head to be either 100 or 125 grains. The main blade has a cutting diameter of 1 3⁄16 inches, while the bleeder blade adds an additional 5⁄8 inches.

fixed-blade broadheads

fixed-blade broadheadsMagnus Broadheads Black Hornet Ser-Razor

Adding serrations to the proven Black Hornet, Magnus (800-720-5341; www.magnusbroadheads.com) created the Black Hornet Ser-Razor ($37/3-pack). This fixed-blade broadhead combines a compact diamond-shaped design with knife-grade stainless-steel blades to deliver amazing penetration. Available in a standard two-blade and the even more lethal bleeder four-blade model, the Black Hornet Ser-Razor is crafted with an aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule and a tanto tip to ensure hard bone is not an issue. Sold in 100- and 125-grain models, the Black Hornet Ser-Razor offers a lifetime replacement guarantee.

fixed-blade broadheadsTrophy Taker Quad Steel

Building on the success of the popular Shuttle T-Lok broadhead, Trophy Taker (678-342-9000; www.trophytaker.com) introduces the new four-blade Quad Steel ($40/3-pack). Designed to bring accuracy, toughness and penetration to the next level, the Quad Steel’s compact design features CNC stainless-steel construction, an Air-Channel tip, a blade-over-shaft design, vented blades and an integrated containment ring.

Swhacker Razorfixed-blade broadheads

Always a leader in broadhead performance, Swhacker (866-671-3827; www.swhacker.com) adds another gem this season with the new Razor series ($50/3-pack) fixed-blade broadhead (right). Designed with 420 stainless steel, the Razor features .075-inch-thick blades (which is thicker than many other broadheads out today), and each blade is laser-cut, independently ground and hand-stropped to razor-sharp perfection. With three 100-grain Razor models to choose from offering 1-inch to 1.5-inch cutting diameters; 35-, 54- or 59-degree blade pitches; and bleeder blades for even more bone-splitting devastation, there is one that will fit any bowhunting situation.

fixed-blade broadheadsRamcat Broadheads

With exclusive deep lobes in the cutting tip to create an airfoil that eliminates planing, the original Ramcat ($40/3-pack) from Ramcat (800-624-5988; www.ramcatbroadheads.com) is the first blade-over-shaft fixed blade uniquely designed to fly like a field point. Featuring .032-inch-thick offset blades, the Ramcat has a stainless-steel ferrule and comes with Firebox Aero inserts to ensure broadhead alignment. The sharpness of the blades is hard to beat, and because both sides of the blades are sharpened, they deliver an even greater wound channel if the arrow backs out. The 100-grain model features a 1 3⁄8-inch cutting diameter. (The 125-grain model stretches that cutting diameter to 1.5 inches.) The Ramcat also comes in a Deep Six model.

Solid Broadheads Legend Seriesfixed-blade broadheads

Names matter, and one look at the Legend series ($130/3-pack) from Solid (855-802-0866; www.solid-broadheads.com) tells you these fixed-blade broadheads live up to theirs. With Samaurai-style curved, vented S30V stainless-steel blades and a tapered ferrule that provides consistent air flow to reduce planing, the Legend series eliminates tuning issues and are capable of driving deep into fur and bone. The 100-grain model offers a cutting diameter of 1 1⁄8 inches, while its 125-grain cousin measures 1 3⁄8 inches. Add to this the .5- or .75-inch bleeder blades, and you have a cutting surface of 5.32 and 6.12 inches, respectively. Best of all, before the broadhead leaves the factory, each blade is leather-stropped to ensure it is sharpened to perfection.

fixed-blade broadheadsQuality Archery Design Exodus

Known for its top-end UltraRest series, QAD (434-846-5839; www.qadinc.com) has also made waves in the broadhead arena with the Exodus ($40/3-pack). This compact, tough-as-nails three-blade head delivers true field-point accuracy and exceptional penetration. With a cutting diameter of 1.25 inches, the Exodus features a Blade Over Shaft (B.O.S.) design with hardened, Rock-Buster tempered stainless-steel tip, replaceable .040-inch-thick stainless-steel blades, and a tight machining tolerance that ensures precision spin and balance with every broadhead.

Slick Trick WickedTrickfixed-blade broadheads

Encompassing the same cut-on-contact steel ferrule as the popular ViperTrick and the same bleeder blade found on the GrizzTrick, the WickedTrick ($43/3-pack) from Slick Trick (855-879-8130; www.slicktrick.net) offers a total cutting surface of 2 5⁄16 inches. The .035-inch-thick SS Lutz vented blades are scary-sharp out of the package, and, with the same foundational design as Slick Trick’s other fixed-blade broadheads, you know the WickedTrick delivers field-point accuracy and tunabilty.

fixed-blade broadheadsWasp Dart

The new four-blade Dart ($38/3-pack) from Wasp (860-283-0246; www.wasparchery.com) is built on the back of the popular Boss platform. Offering an aerodynamic design for field-point accuracy, both the 100- and 125-grain models feature .027-inch-thick blades for hard-hitting durability. With a total cutting surface of 2.25 inches and a cutting diameter of 1 1⁄8 inches, the Dart delivers solid blood trails. Each pack includes two sets of replacement blades.

Innerloc Broadheads Slicefixed-blade broadheads

With a 1 1⁄16-inch cutting diameter, the Slice ($40/3-pack) is the latest in Innerloc’s (706-782-5863; www.innerloc.com) long line of broadheads. Developed with Innerloc’s unique Blade Alignment Technology, which easily solves tuning issues that can occur with today’s speed bows, the Slice features patented matching tapers on the front of the broadhead body to ensure a precise fit. The stainless-steel three-blade design is beyond sharp with a special manufacturing and tempering process that creates ultra-durable edges on the blades.

Wac’Em Broadheads

Wac’Em’s (800-282-4868; www.wacemachery.com) fixed three- and four-blade ($40/3-pack) broadheads have earned a solid reputation over the years, and for good reason — they are extremely accurate, feature hardened stainless-steel construction from head-to-toe and offer ultra-sharp blades that deliver a cutting diameter up to 1.25 inches. Although the broadheads you have come to depend on haven’t changed (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), the packaging has; Wac’Em Archery now offers a fully assembled 3-pack of these bladed gems with the added value of a Nockturnal lighted nock.

fixed-blade broadheads

Iron Will Outfitters V-Seriesfixed-blade broadheads

With sizes ranging from 100- to 210-grain models, the V-Series ($100/3-pack) from Iron Will Outfitters (970-776-5022; www.ironwilloutfitters.com) will be one of the toughest fixed-blade broadheads on the end of an arrow this fall. Offering a lifetime guarantee and manufactured in the U.S.A., the V-Series features a grade 5 titanium ferrule that is three times stronger than a typical aluminum ferrule, a cut-on-contact tanto tip, a low-profile vented-blade design and heat-treated A2 steel blades for superior hardness. Because of the blades’ hardness, holding an edge is not an issue. The new S-Series ($100) has the same features but offers a solid-blade design in sizes ranging from 125 to 225 grains and is a great option for the traditional bowhunter.

fixed-blade broadheadsKuduPoint Broadheads Contour

Featuring a unique cut-on-contact design that looks devastating, the Contour ($42 to $45/3-pack) from KuduPoint (541-971-9093; www.kudupoint.com) is certainly worth a look. Made in the U.S.A. and offering a lifetime guarantee, the Contour is available in 100-, 125- and 150-grain models and features a .050-inch-thick 420 hardened stainless-steel single-bevel blade that is designed to hold its edge. In fact, the factory edge treatment ensures this broadhead is ready to hunt out of the package. Because the blade is permanently bonded to the steel ferrule and the broadhead is packaged from the same lots, each broadhead is precisely matched in weight and has no moving parts that loosen or shift over time.


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