2 Out-of-the-Box Business Ideas

As big box stores and online sellers continue to take a piece of your bottom line, it’s time to get creative in looking for smart business solutions.
2 Out-of-the-Box Business Ideas

Iron sharpens iron, right? I don’t know about you, but I like to work closely with those that have the best interest of me and my team at heart. It’s no secret that many successful small business owners often team up with other local entrepreneurs to develop marketing strategies, brainstorm business ideas and further develop business plans. Many work hand-in-hand to co-launch events that will benefit both businesses equally. It just makes sense.

I did a little out-of-the box research and found a pair of small business resources you’re likely not using — resources that you could implement and add to your 2018 and 2019 plan.

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Idea No. 1: Give some serious thought — especially if you have a part-time job opening — to advertising at your local college. Why? Chances are there are a number of eager young candidates fit to fill the position, and often those candidates are pure butt-kickers. It’s likely you will get several applicants that have extensive knowledge of the archery industry, can work on bows, are familiar with the product lines you carry, and will be able to help with your social media presence.

I have a local junior college in my hometown and spoke to a pair of different businesses that employ part-time college students. Both business owners told me it is a tactic they have been utilizing for years.

“We have a growing gym, and we hire college kids that are pursuing a career in athletic training,” one local entrepreneur told me. “We also look for those that place a high value on fitness. Our social media platform has grown exponentially over the past 2 years. Because our social media presence has grown, so has our list of paying members. These kids love posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They get others excited about the gym. We currently have three part-time college students on hand to help train others. They do a great job, and have really helped our gym grow in ways I never thought possible.”

business ideasIdea No. 2: You preach to the masses that having a good coach is a solid idea, right? It’s likely you provide shooting lessons at your shop. You may even be a certified archery coach. Chances are you may need a coach as well. Enter the SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration). On its website (www.sba.gov), this valuable resource provides counseling and training programs designed specifically to help business owners with everything from start-up advice to running an already established business more efficiently. It’s definitely worth investigating.

As you move through this busy selling season, be willing to adapt — to change and step outside the norm. In today’s business climate, it seems those who are willing to shake things up a bit and do a little experimenting are the ones seeing their bottom line grow.

Photos by John Hafner


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