2020 Traditional Bows

While the vast majority of bowhunters choose a compound or crossbow, there’s still nothing like releasing the string of a traditional bow and watching the arrow arc downrange.

2020 Traditional Bows

Traditional bows — recurves and longbows — account for only a tiny segment of the archery market today. That said, traditional bows can still be an effective hunting tool in the hands of a practiced archer, and shooting targets with a recurve or longbow is like stepping back in time. When a customer walks in your door and wants to simplify his or her bowhunting gear and get back to the basics, show them one of these topnotch traditional bows.



Modeled after Fred Bear’s 1969 take-down bow design, the all-new Bear Take Down provides options — two riser lengths, two finishes and two limb lengths — so that trad bowhunters can build the bow to their liking. The arrow shelf is equipped with the Bear Hair Rest and a leather strike plate, while the risers flaunt fiberglass accents, coated in a durable satin finish. All of this in a packable take-down configuration makes the Bear Take Down an excellent option for the traveling bowhunter.

MSRP: Price varies

CONTACT: www.beararchery.com



Available in nine attractive target colors is Hoyt’s new Formula XI recurve riser. It weighs just 2.7 pounds and features patent-pending String Tension Technology — adjust string tension between three distinct settings to customize the limb feel without affecting the bow’s tune. An optional stainless-steel Pocket Weight System lets the shooter customize the feel and balance. The riser comes with three rest plates: high, middle and low. The riser design manages vibrations after the shot for a smooth-shooting experience. Pair the Formula XI with Hoyt’s Formula Carbon Velos Limbs, which are Hoyt’s sleekest, lightest and fastest limbs ever.

The built-to-win Xceed recurve riser, part of Hoyt’s Grand Prix Series, also features String Tension Technology and is available in nine color options. Optimize tuning and performance with three rest plates and add weights to the top or bottom limb pockets. The 2.8-pound riser measures 25 inches long. For barebow shooters looking to advance their game, the Xceed riser is compatible with a barebow weight-conversion kit, which integrates perfectly with the riser. It’s available in a 32-ounce stainless-steel version or a 15-ounce aluminum version.


CONTACT: www.hoyt.com



Interested in trying traditional? Look no further than PSE’s Shaman. It’s the company’s latest trad bow featuring a 62-inch length and showstopper looks thanks to carefully selected woods and meticulous manufacturing. Integrated is a stabilizer bushing, and a 7 ¼- to 7 ½-inch brace height provides generous arm clearance even with cold-weather clothing. Available peak draw weights are 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 pounds. The Shaman brings incredible quality at a price point most can afford.

Get beginner archers started with the ambidextrous Snake. Durably constructed yet lightweight and maneuverable, it features an easy-to-draw-and-shoot 25-pound draw weight. The 60-inch overall length is tailored well for beginners, while a generous 8 ¾-inch brace height provides astounding forgiveness. Best of all, at $44.99, it’s a no-brainer for parents who want to get their children into archery affordably.

MSRP: $229.99, Shaman; $44.99 Snake

CONTACT: www.psearchery.com


Tomahawk Bows

The Tomahawk Kiska SS Longbow draws on Wisconsin’s rich bowhunting heritage. It makes its mark in history through flawless beauty and intricate design. A partnership between 3Rivers Archery and Blacktail Bows has created this marvelous bow using precision CNC and the finest materials. The riser is Cocobolo Dymondwood surrounded by black phenolic and highlighted with maple and Purpleheart inlaid accent stripes. Limbs are hand-selected Pacific Yew and stained Bamboo, which sandwich the core laminations consisting of rock maple and Stabil-Kore. It includes a limited lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $999.99

CONTACT: www.3riversarchery.com/brand/tomahawk-bows.html


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