24 Top Picks From the 2024 ATA Show

The latest bow show didn’t disappoint.

24 Top Picks From the 2024 ATA Show

The 2024 ATA Show is in the books, and while the show floor was a bit smaller this year, the brands in attendance packed a big punch. New sight designs, revamped versions of proven products, completely new concepts, and more — the big bow show didn’t disappoint. Rest assured, there are plenty of great options for retailers to sift through and stock for the new year. Here are my 24 takeaways from the 2024 ATA Show.

1. The SelectDot Red Dot Sight for compound bows is unique.

The all-new SelectDot by Adjustable Red Dot (ARD) is an interesting new product available for compound bowhunters. This is a relatively new concept that many bowhunters haven’t realized is on the market, but it’s here. And for those who want to try a new style of compound bow sight, there are few options on the market. For now, it’s in a fairly new class. www.adjustablereddot.com 

2. Analyzing the Ultimate Flex, T.R.U. Ball still makes a great release.

T.R.U. Ball has been around for a long time. As part of the AXCEL Archery family, it’s well-known for producing top-shelf products at affordable price points. This year, the Ultimate Flex adds to that reputation with another solid release. According to T.R.U. Ball, it’s the fastest-firing mechanism with no cocking bar. It’s activated by the bow draw weight and fires instantly when touching the trigger. It features Micro-Adjustable Draw Length, making it easy to shorten or lengthen the release head. Its Tri-Star Hook System includes an added magnet that automatically resets. Furthermore, it incorporates a hardened stainless-steel Tri-Star sear, superior ergonomic handle, adjustable three-axis thumb trigger, 30 degrees of radial rotation, and more. It comes in medium or large. Made in the USA. www.truball.com.

Rhino Low Hub Pro FD
Rhino Low Hub Pro FD

3. Rhino’s Low Hub Pro FD is built smartly.

The new Low Hub Pro FD by Rhino continues their portfolio of excellent hub-style ground blinds. It comes with a full door system that makes getting in and out much easier than traditional style options. This is ideal for larger hunters or those packing in a lot of gear. It’s also quieter than trying to squeeze through a tighter door system. Furthermore, the windows are slightly lower, making it easier to keep arrows above the material, which can catch a broadhead if not careful. It has window curtain sliders on the top and bottom of each window, making it quick, easy, and silent to optimize window configuration. www.feradyne.com

The Grit Workhorse Saddle by Tethrd.
The Grit Workhorse Saddle by Tethrd.

4. Tethrd does it again with its Grit Workhorse Saddle.

In the past few years, saddle hunting has taken the outdoor world by storm. Tethrd is at the forefront of that march, and its latest offering is an exceptional product. The Grit Workhorse Saddle by Tethrd is a lightweight saddle priced below other models in the Tethrd lineup. The Grit brand was launched to make it easier for dealers and consumers to get everything they need to enter the saddle hunting world by purchasing items in kit form (saddle, tree tether, lineman rope, and recliner backband). Grit products, including climbing sticks and platforms, will be available only through dealers. www.tethrdnation.com

5. The Summit Dual Threat Pro SD is the premier climbing treestand.

For years, Summit has dominated the climbing treestand game. Unsurprisingly, the Dual Threat Pro SD is a great, versatile aluminum climbing treestand. The Dual Threat technology includes an adjustable bar that allows for the best shot possible, whether using a bow or gun. A new seat design makes it possible for higher or lower seating options, too. Plus, the RapidClimb Stirrups are engineered for comfort and safety. Additionally, the FastTrack system allows for hooks that hold accessories, Dead Metal Sound Deadening technology reduces noise, and Summit Lokt welding process greatly increases strength. These are all key selling points. www.summitstands.com 

6. The Summit Element simplifies treestand safety harnesses.

The Element by Summit is a great selection for those hoping to stock a no-nonsense safety harness that doesn’t require a crazy-high IQ to put on. The Element simplifies this process, making it quick and simple to put on when rushing to reach the deer woods. It has an adjustable chest strap, high-performance tether, and overall lightweight design at 2 pounds. It has a lineman’s belt and utility loops. www.summitstands.com 

7. The Mystery Ranch Metcalf 75 is one mean pack.

Mystery Ranch has stormed to the forefront of hunting packs, and done so in rapid fashion. The all-new Metcalf is crafted for the backcountry. Per the name, it offers 75 liters of pack volume. It has a detachable lid, multiple compression straps, and numerous pockets offer plenty of space to store important gear, meat and more. It’s built on an ultra-lightweight frame. It comes in small, medium, large, or extra-large sizing options. www.mysteryranch.com 

8. Mystery Ranch’s Gravelly 18 makes a lot of sense.

The Mystery Ranch Gravelly 18 might be small, but it is ideal for adding extra spacing to an existing pack, or when needing just a smaller pack to begin with. Like larger packs, it too includes compression straps, zippered pockets, and more. It even has stowable shoulder straps. It’s 17 x 10.75 x 8.5 inches, sports 1,155 cubic inches, and weighs 1.8 pounds. It’s the ideal add-on sales item for other Mystery Ranch packs. www.mysteryranch.com

9. The Bakcou Scout Jager straight up gets you there.

The Bakcou Scout Jager is sure to be a popular e-bike among archery hunters in 2024 and beyond. It’s a full-suspension, fat-tire e-bike that’s built for the outdoors. It includes a Rohloff internal speed hub, which provides an increased gear ratio for higher climbing capabilities. Plus, it boasts better comfort and security ratings thanks to an internalized gearing system. It’s class 1, 2, and 3 compliant, and switching between classes is simple. The 750-1,500-watt offers a lot of power, and 21 Ah-battery increases single-charge travel distance, too (with up to 65 miles of range). On this bike, riders can travel up to 35 mph. Bakcou also celebrates its on-demand programming and lifetime warranty. www.bakcou.com 

10. Bakcou’s AWD Timber Wolf takes the bite out of that entry and exit route.

Those wanting an e-ride in a smaller package will look to the Bakcou AWD Timberwolf. Stocking this bike is sure to draw customer’s eyes. Named after being the beast it is, the Timberwolf is a high-powered e-scooter ready for the roads and woods. It has a 500-watt X2 motor and 21-Ah battery. It travels 25 mph and has up to a 40-mile range. www.bakcou.com 

11. QAD gets another one right with the UltraRest Integrate MX2.

The QAD UltraRest Integrate MX2 is the latest member of a vast family of QAD archery rests that get the job done. With a storied history of incredible sales, this new offering is sure to move product in hurried fashion. The UltraRest Integrate MX2 should be a popular sales item in 2024. www.qadinc.com 

12. The Easton X10 Parallel Pro spins like a top.

The X10 Parallel Pro by Easton is the newest member of the X10 arrow portfolio. It brings with it the legendary name recognition and performance that customers have come to expect. This 4mm shaft implements the highest quality, high-modulus carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy core. Plus, it’s weight-coded, too. It’s good for recurve, compound, target, field, and barebow shooting. Straightness is +/- .001 inch and weight tolerance is +/- .5 grains in weight codes. Made in the USA. www.eastonarchery.com 

13. Dead Down Wind’s Laundry Bomb suds it up and neutralizes the stench.

Keeping hunting clothes clean, fresh and as scent-free as possible is at the top of many hunters’ priority list. Dead Down Wind’s Laundry Bomb includes the brand’s most advanced formula. It removes stains and scent alike. This is a great add-on sale item to stock, but hunters are sure to come looking for it, too. www.deaddownwind.com 

Dead Down Wind Black Premium Antiperspirant
Dead Down Wind Black Premium Antiperspirant

14. The Dead Down Wind Black Premium Antiperspirant offers utmost pit protection.

Anyone who has issues with their pits ruining deer hunts will benefit from Dead Down Wind’s all-new premium line of antiperspirant and deodorant that offers long-lasting odor control. At an affordable price point, this makes for a great primary sales item, but especially a top pick for end caps and close to registers. www.deaddownwind.com

15. Tink’s is still the king of stink.

Few companies produce like Tink’s. This company is time-tested and continues to launch new products that keep it at the forefront. This year, it released three new SKUs in scent stick form. These include #1 Doe-P that creates a natural calming effect on the herd, #69 Doe-In-Rut which is a superior doe estrous (plus their acclaimed secret ingredient), and Peak30 which is collected during a doe’s 24-hour peak estrous period. www.tinks.com

16. GAS Bowstrings Recurve+ still bends that riser with the best of them.

The Recurve+ by Gas Bowstrings carries the vast and great reputation of its brand name bearer. It’s the industry’s first engineered recurve string built in partnership with world-class archer, Brady Ellison. Made with the newest groundbreaking bowstring material, RCX1200, the new-for-2024 Recurve+ bowstrings are ready for the field. Get these in standard or custom options. Select from small or large grooves. www.gasbowstrings.com 

Moultrie Feed Hub (left) and Auger Feeder (right).
Moultrie Feed Hub (left) and Auger Feeder (right).

17. Moultrie just revolutionized feeder operations.

The brand-new Moultrie Feed Hub is a groundbreaking method for feeder control. This cellular-based unit installs easily and is managed via the Moultrie Mobile App. Thanks to the Feed Level Detector, it also keeps an eye on feeder volume and reports back to base camp. It even monitors for clogs, jams, low battery level and more. Set up to 10 feeding times per day. www.moultriefeeders.com 

18. Moultrie still builds a great feeder.

Moultrie’s Auger Feeder is a powder-coated, stainless-steel auger powered by a 12-volt motor. It runs on a 12-volt 7-Ah battery (not included). It feeds up to 10 times per day, runs 1-60 seconds, and can even be programmed for specific days of the week. Legs can be adjusted to two different positions, internal hopper funnel ensures all feed is used, and sturdy construction ensures the feeder will last a long time. It holds 450 pounds of feed. www.moultriefeeders.com

19. And Moultrie offers problem-solving feeder add-ons.

The Moultrie Ranch Series Dual Chute and Ranch Series Axis Trough are key feeder add-on products that solve key hunting challenges. The Ranch Series Dual Chute sends feed out two different chutes, can be extended to a range of sizes, and is compatible with the Auger Feeder. Additionally, with the Ranch Series Axis Trough, which is also compatible with Ranch Series feeders. It sports a 5-gallon volume capacity. A large drain hole helps prevent water from pooling in the trough. www.moultriefeeders.com

20. The Axe 400 is a reliable crossbow.

The new Axe 400 delivers 135 ft/lbs. of kinetic energy thanks to a 14.25-inch power stroke, 200-pound draw weight, and more. As for specs, it has a 17.75-inch axle-to-axle width (un-cocked), 14.25-inch axle-to-axle width (cocked), and measures 33-35 inches overall. This unit includes a high-performance crossbow scope, adjustable quiver, cocking crank, and three Carbon Express Piledriver bolts. It shoots 400 fps (with 380-grain bolt). The bow weighs 8.5 pounds. www.feradyne.com

Barnett Hyper Raptor
Barnett Hyper Raptor

21. The Barnett Hyper Raptor is a real deal.

Barnett’s Hyper Raptor is another top option. It sends bolts at speeds of up to 410 fps. It has a 14-inch power stroke, 214-pound draw weight, and 142 ft/lbs. of kinetic energy. It’s 7.25 inches wide axle-to-axle (cocked), measures 32.5 inches long (overall), and weighs only 7.1 pounds. It has a step-through riser, anti-dry fire trigger assembly, and more. It includes TriggerTech technology, which is virtually a custom trigger with silent safety, friction release, nock sensor, and zero-creep 3-pound pull. Accessories included with this package are a 4x32 illuminated scope (with flip-up scope caps), SLED rope cocking device, Hyper Quiver, three HyperFlite carbon crossbow arrows, Halo riser system, and string lubrication wax. www.barnettcrossbows.com 

22. Barnett’s Wildcat CRX is a real recurve crossbow.

The Wildcat CRX by Barnett is a solid recurve crossbow. It has an un-cocked tip-to-tip width measurement of 25.5 inches and 18.375 inches cocked. Plus, it’s 32.88 inches long, making it ideal for smaller shooters. It has a 12.25-inch power stroke and sends 380-grain bolts at up to 280 fps. It includes an anti-dry-fire trigger system, and the trigger itself is metal injection molded and has no creep. It weighs 6.1 pounds. With an MSRP of $229, it’s a great option to stock. www.barnettcrossbows.com 

23. The Trophy Ridge Propel sends it.

Those who look to stock a full-capture drop-away rest might consider the Trophy Ridge Propel. This limb-driven rest (configurable for upper or lower limb) is reliable and easy to set up. It’s also very quiet. And customers won’t need a bow press to install it. Best of all, its MSRP is under $100. www.beararchery.com 

24. GlenDel’s brand-new Bear Target is well-built.

Everyone loves a diverse archery range. GlenDel’s new Bear Target offers a lifelike option for bear enthusiasts, or those simply wanting a different option for their range. It includes a replaceable insert with true-to-life vitals for the heart, lungs and liver. This target is well crafted and durable, making it a good stocking option for the long haul. www.feradyne.com 

Of course, there were many other great products, revelations, and takeaways from the 2024 ATA Show in St. Louis, Missouri. But, rest assured, there are plenty of great options to stock on the market. There are plenty of great selections that are sure to move inventory and minimize shelf-time this season.


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