3 Top-Notch Treestands for Your Whitetail Customers

If your archery shop caters to whitetail hunters, then it makes sense to stock at least a few portable treestands, even if space is tight in your store.

3 Top-Notch Treestands for Your Whitetail Customers

For those whitetail hunters who prefer to let the deer come to them, having a comfortable, concealed hiding place is essential for success. For ambush artists who like to hunt from high places, treestands are just the ticket and come in a variety of models — hang-ons, climbers and ladders — designed for a wide array of hunting styles, skills and personal preferences. But all have a common purpose: to keep their occupants safe, secure, quiet and hidden while they wait for that buck of a lifetime to pass by the trail or food source they are perched over like a bird of prey.

If space is a premium in your archery shop, it probably makes more sense to stock portable treestands instead of ladders. Here are three outstanding choices — one climber, and two hang-ons (different weights and price points).

Summit Viper Pro SD Climber Treestand

The Summit Viper Pro SD climber treestand features the company’s all-new Quickdraw Pro cable system with quick-connect triggers that make cable adjustments a breeze, and its FasTrack system allows hunters to easily add Summit accessories — Ultimate Hook, Rifle Holder and Phone Holder — to the exterior of the seat frame.

The Viper Pro SD employs SummitLOKT joints that are locked into place before welding to reduce stress on the welds, RapidClimb stirrups designed to keep the climber’s boots securely attached to the platform while ascending and descending, and Summit’s DeadMetal sound dampening technology. The Viper Pro SD also comes updated with a new one-piece wrap-around arm pad that fully covers the front rail and armrests for added comfort. The stand will climb trees measuring 8 to 20 inches in diameter. It weighs 22 pounds and holds 300 pounds. MSRP: $479.99; www.summitstands.com

Ol’Man Assassin Hang-On Treestand

The Ol’Man Assassin Hang-On Treestand is made for bowhunters who desire mobility and stealth in the whitetail woods — those who wish to experience success from every possible shooting angle.

The Assassin’s seat folds up with ease for convenient standing shots and its Millennium-style ComfortMax seat ensures that hunters can stay on stand all day without fidgeting. Powder coated steel construction provides strength and durability. With an included footrest, chain and backpack straps, the stand is made to fold flat for backpacking and is a great solution for hunters who want quick, easy mobility. The Assassin weighs 19 pounds and is rated for a weight capacity of 300 pounds. MSRP: $94.49; www.olmanoutdoors.com

Hawk Rival Micro Hang-on Stand

Hawk developed the Rival Micro Hang-on Stand to be exceptionally lightweight, highly compact and easy to secure to a daypack for trouble-free transport to remote hunting locations. It is based on a minimalized 20.5x17.5-inch platform and features a nylon web flip-up seat.

The assembly folds flat for easy, unobtrusive transport, and its simple and lightweight design makes it easy to attach to a tree with the two included ratchet tree straps. The Rival Micro weighs 10.1 pounds and has a weight rating of 300 pounds. For added safety, it comes with a full-body safety harness. MSRP: $279.99; www.hawkhunting.com


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