4 New-for-2019 Stabilizers

Regardless of whether you pursue high scores or big bucks, one of these four stabilizers will help you shoot more accurately.

4 New-for-2019 Stabilizers

Choosing what to stock in your archery shop is part art and part science. Here are four new-for-2019 stabilizers to consider adding to your selection.

Bee Stinger Microhex Counter Slide

The Microhex Counter Slide stabilizer from Bee Stinger replaces the traditional stabilizer with an adjustable system to better balance the bow during the shot while reducing vibration with Countervail Technology. Customizable with five individual 1-ounce weights, the Microhex Counter Slide offsets the weight of the sight, quiver and other accessories.

Available in matte black, olive, tan, grey and brown as well as 10-, 12- and 15-inch lengths, the Microhex Counter Slide comes with a standard mount, but an even more adjustable dovetail mount is also available. MSRP from $134.99 to $154.99 depending on model.

Contact: www.beestinger.com

LimbSaver LS Hunter Micro Lite

The LS Hunter Micro Lite stabilizer ($59.99) by LimbSaver is 7 inches long and weighs only 2.7 ounces, making it lightweight but effective. The NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) broadband nodes on the forward end of the stabilizer help to eliminate hand shock, vibration and noise. The shaft is constructed out of a narrow .625-inch diameter, ultra-rigid carbon fiber.

The Hunter Micro Lite is available in nine color options including Mathews Lost XD and Muddy Girl.

Contact: www.limbsaver.com 

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Hunter

The Nitro Hunter stabilizer ($26.50) from Pine Ridge Archery Products comes with Sawtooth vibration dampening technology on the lightweight aluminum body that quickly quiets and smooths out today’s radical speed bows.

The Nitro Hunter is available in two sizes, a 5-ounce 5.5-inch model and a 6-ounce 7.5-inch model with nine colors as well as Mathews Lost Camo and Next G1 Vista Camo.

Contact: www.pineridgearchery.com

X-Factor Xtreme Balance

The new Xtreme Balance Stabilizer from X-Factor Outdoor Products is available in three lengths: 8, 10 and 12 inches. With a thermosetting polymer epoxy similar to what’s used on golf clubs, the Xtreme is durable and American made. The Xtreme comes with 3.5 ounces of end weight, with additional weight available separately for a custom fit. The Xtreme is capped with an A-Tech Rubber SBT end for vibration and sound control.

Compatible with the Xtreme side bar mount and back bar for a complete stabilizer package, the Xtreme is available in either black or polished finish. MSRP for three sizes: $89.99, $99.99 and $109.99.

Contact: www.xfactoroutdoors.com


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