4 Upgraded Mechanicals from Rocket Broadheads

Many customers who walk through your doors are loyal to Rocket Broadheads. Here are four upgraded mechanicals they are sure to love.
4 Upgraded Mechanicals from Rocket Broadheads

Rocket BroadheadsRocket launched an all-new line of mechanical broadheads to prepare bowhunters for the upcoming season. With the release of the Sidewinder XT, Hammerhead XT, Meat Seeker and Meat Seeker Crossbow, Rocket is giving bowhunters high-quality material upgrades to its original deadly designs.

The all-new 100-grain Meat Seeker and 100-grain Meat Seeker Crossbow 3-blade broadheads give bowhunters Piston Action, a design guaranteed to open on impact. The heads feature ultra-sharp .035-inch-thick blades that produce a 2-inch cutting diameter and 3-inch cutting surface area. (Note: The Meat Seeker Crossbow mechanical has a stronger retention band than the standard Meat Seeker.) With these features, the Meat Seeker series is incredibly lethal. When placed in the heart/lung area of a whitetail, the Meat Seekers will provide bowhunters with short, easy-to-follow blood trails.

Rocket Broadheads
Rocket Broadheads Meat Seeker
Rocket Broadheads
Rocket Broadheads Meat Seeker Crossbow

The new 100-grain Sidewinder XT three-blade mechanical broadhead produces a 1.5-inch cutting diameter with and a 2.205-inch cutting surface. This broadhead features .035-inch-thick lethal sharp blades designed for the thickest hide.

Rocket Broadheads
Rocket Broadheads Sidewinder XT

The new 100-grain Hammerhead XT three-blade mechanical broadhead features deadly .035-inch-thick  blades and creates a 2-inch cutting diameter with a 3.405-inch cutting surface area. The Hammerhead produces large entry and exit wounds.

Rocket Broadheads
Rocket Broadheads Hammerhead XT

“Rocket features four fantastic new products for the upcoming season — we wanted to give our customers a whole new Rocket,” said Archery General Manager Dave Parker. “These four new broadheads are swift, dependable and lethal enough to drop your game in seconds.”

About Rocket Broadheads

Rocket Broadheads is a division of Escalade Sports (parent company to Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge archery accessories, and more). For more information, call (800) 694-9494 or click here.


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