7 Top Hunting Arrows for 2024

Straight as an arrow — right into your profit margin.

7 Top Hunting Arrows for 2024

When Swiss patriot William Tell launched the arrow that split an apple precariously perched on his son’s head on Nov. 18, 1307, legend says it was because he refused to pay homage to a Hapsburg liege and was forced to submit to a test of marksmanship. Later, the story goes, Tell killed the tyrant and went on to participate in many daring exploits in the service of the Old Swiss Confederacy. While I’m sure William Tell appreciated an arrow that flies straight and true, I doubt he gave much thought to FOC, GPI or straightness and weight tolerances when he loosed that crossbow bolt. But be assured that he dug deep into his quiver looking for the very best arrow in the lot — one proven to find the 10-ring with every shot.

Fortunately for modern day archers, arrow manufacturers have taken the guesswork out of separating the wheat from the chaff by using the very best materials and technology available to provide staggering accuracy and consistency from arrow to arrow. We’re talking industry common .001-inch straightness tolerances (nearly perfectly straight) and fractional weight tolerances that ensure each arrow in the quiver flies true to the next.

As an archery retailer, your objective should be to provide a means to an end — to equip your stick-and-string patrons with the highest-quality arrows on the market — and there are plenty to choose from. And, of course, to profit from the results. No matter if your customer is shopping for arrows for a compound bow or a crossbow — for hunting or competition shooting — be sure to have a good inventory on hand to fit every personal taste and conviction. And be aware that many of your patrons are brand loyal, so make sure they don’t have to go elsewhere. Here are seven examples to put them on the straight and narrow for 2024.

Altra Arrows 166 Centrum Premier 

Altra Arrows 166 Centrum Premier Arrow is built on an architecture of high-grade carbon shafts, premium components and sophisticated manufacturing processes that work together to deliver accuracy and efficiency. The Centrum Premier line sets a high mark for quality with a straightness tolerance of .001-inch. Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment to verify arrow shaft and component straightness, along with Altra’s weight matching process ensures consistency from arrow to arrow. Manufactured from a proprietary blend of high modulus carbon, this sophisticated construction results in Altra Arrows No Spine technology, delivering an arrow with improved tunability and increased consistency. The shafts include the A.R.C.O.S. Insert/Outsert system and are included. MSRP: $109.99/Fletched six-pack


Carbon Express Earth Tone Maxima Red

Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows are now available in earth tone Stone or Drab color options — designed specifically to match the earth tone palette of today’s camouflage and solid bow color configurations. Carbon Express’s exclusive Tri-Spine technology weaves three sections of carbon together with stiffer sections on each distal end to produce a more forgiving center section that allows for increased parabolic correction and faster arrow recovery. The stiffer ends contain the increased amount of flex to the arrow’s Red Zone (center) where the flex is quickly dissipated in flight, making for easier tuning from a wider range of draw weights. Precision sorting and matching by weight and spine increase arrow-to-arrow consistency. MSRP: $109.99/Six-pack fletched 


Easton Archery 4mm/5mm FMJ

When it comes to bowhunting, arrow quality can make all the difference. For bowhunters who demand superior performance, more penetration and a higher rate of pass-throughs, Easton’s FMJ Arrow is an excellent solution. Field-proven and trusted by bowhunters, Easton FMJ arrows have high kinetic energy upon impact, and the result is what every bowhunter shoots for — quicker, cleaner kills. The synergy of construction in the aluminum and carbon materials of the FMJ creates precise spine-around-the-shaft precision in each arrow, ensuring accurate flight and optimal broadhead performance. Easton’s FMJ arrows are available in 4mm and 5mm diameters, in a full range of bowhunting spine sizes from 250 to 500. MSRP/: Coming from Taylor


G5 Outdoors Stax Premium 

G5 Outdoors has announced the addition of another premium hunting arrow to its lineup, with the Stax series — offering archers an affordable arrow without sacrificing quality and precision. Stax Premium arrows are constructed of a two-layer 100 percent high modulus carbon, and every arrow is inspected to a .001-inch straightness tolerance and .02 GPI weight tolerance and engineered to withstand the hardest impacts. G5 Stax series arrows are built on 250 (203 diameter only), 300, 350 or 400 spines and feature American-made precision matched components, including Bohning vanes and nocks. MSRP: $79.95/Stax 244 six-pack fletched; $94.95/Stax 203 six-pack fletched; $124.95/Stax 244 12-pack shafts; $164.95/Stax 244 12-pack shafts


Gold Tip Superfly Pro Crossbow Bolt 

Made with high-modulus carbon for a super-stiff spine, the Superfly Pro Crossbow Bolt from Gold Tip was designed to deliver long-range accuracy and transfer maximum energy generated by today’s high-performance crossbows shooting 350+ fps. It features a straightness tolerance of +/- .001-inch and a weight tolerance of +/- .5 grains. Designed using Smart Carbon technology — carbon with no fillers — the Superfly Pro delivers durability and reliable straightness retention and is available in 20- and 22-inch lengths. It weighs 436 (20-inch) and 458 grains (22-inch) when used with a 100-grain field point. MSRP: $69.99/20-inch/Six pack; $89.99/22-inch/Six pack


Ravin .001 XK5 

Delivering increased kinetic energy for extreme knockdown power, the Ravin XK5 500-grain Crossbow Arrow is a great match for big game hunting. The most premium arrow in the Ravin lineup, the XK5 features an incredible straightness tolerance of .001-inch (inclusive of the 100-grain field tip or broadhead) so they’re true to target and include 100 percent pure carbon construction, high-impact brass threaded inserts, 2-inch high-profile offset vanes, high-impact aluminum nock bushings and Ravin-engineered polymer nocks. The Ravin XK5 is approved for use with the Ravin R500 crossbow. MSRP: $129.99/Six-pack


Victory Archery VForce

With a .245-inch diameter, VForce Arrows from Victory Archery are constructed of 100 percent carbon fiber, come spine aligned by the dozen and are weight matched to +/-.5 grains for consistency. The Elite model boasts a +/-.001-inch straightness tolerance, followed by the Gamer at +/-.003-inch and the Sport at +/-.006-inch. VForce arrows are finished with Victory’s proprietary ICE nano ceramic coating for maximum penetration on game and easy removal from targets. Each arrow is custom hand-fletched for optimum vane adhesion and alignment, with spines ranging from 250 to 600. They come equipped with VForce RPS 22-grain inserts and Blazer nocks. MAP/Per dozen: $104.99/Elite; $89.99/Gamer; $69.99/Sport 


Photo by John Hafner


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