ATA 2019 Top Tease Award Goes to ElimiShield

When it comes encouraging trade show attendees to visit a particular booth at ATA 2019, the PR/marketing folks for ElimiShield hit a home run.
ATA 2019 Top Tease Award Goes to ElimiShield
ATA 2019
The author hiding under the covers thanks to the crud at a recent SHOT Show.

Unfortunate fact: Each year some Archery Trade Association (ATA) attendees leave the annual show with the dreaded “show crud.” When it comes to all things archery, these two words are topped (in a bad way) only by the evil pair “target panic.”

Almost anyone who has attended the ATA Show for several years — and in my opinion it’s even more true with SHOT Show — can tell a tale of someone they know getting sick at the event or immediately following it.

The reason is obvious: Attendees travel from all over the planet to attend ATA and SHOT, and in addition to bringing all their hunting products to show off, they also share unwanted colds and other nasty afflictions. This dreaded show crud can put quite a damper on your show experience, as well as your return to home and work.

ATA 2019
Fear not during ATA 2019: Rub some ElimiShield CORE Body Foam into your hands a few times a day between test driving the newest bows.

Now for the good news.

If you’re like me, you’ll do almost anything to avoid getting sick during ATA 2019. I’ll wash my hands constantly; I’ll pull down my long-sleeve shirt cuff to cover my hand before grabbing a door handle; and I’ll offer a fist bump instead of a handshake whenever possible. That said, this year I saw a press release for a product that claims to help prevent the show crud, and the company, ElimiShield, is inviting ATA 2019 attendees to its booth for a free sample.

Kudos to the PR/marketing folks for ElimiShield in knowing EXACTLY how to grab the attention of attendees like me who will take drastic measures to avoid getting sick during ATA 2019. Quote from the ElimiShield ATA 2019 press release:

ATA 2019
ElimiShield CORE Body Foam

“Lucky for everyone at ATA, ElimiShield will have a sample kiosk at booth #1249 to provide samples of its FDA-compliant CORE Body Foam. Simply rub a squirt or two into your hands a few times each day to help stay crud-free. The same direct-to-skin technology that works so effectively to kill the bacteria that causes human odor also kills various germs that gang up to become the dreaded ‘Show Crud’. Regular alcohol-based hand sanitizers only work on initial contact, but ElimiShield HUNT CORE Body Foam works on initial contact and keeps on working throughout the day, long after traditional hand sanitizers have evaporated.

“Don’t rely on old, unreliable products to keep you crud-free during ATA. Just stop by booth #1249 as often as you’d like to ensure your hands and face are germ free; there is no charge. Hug and shake hands fearlessly.”

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

So, if you want to find me at ATA 2019, you know where to look. Travel safe and I look forward to seeing you and shaking your hand.

ATA 2019
Thanks to a clever PR/marketing campaign, this booth might be busy during ATA 2019.


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