Behind the Scenes With Cirrus Outdoors

The Cirrus Outdoors Wind Indicator and new Pro Cirrus have taken the hunting industry by storm, and the company has even bigger plans for the future.

Behind the Scenes With Cirrus Outdoors

I remember the first time I tried a Cirrus Outdoors Wind Indicator. It was late November and my tried-and-true wind powder bottle ran empty. I’d had the Cirrus unit it my pack for a while, but had yet to try it. I figured it to be snake oil — another gadget I didn’t need. Wrong! The second I pushed the button and watched a thick cloud of vapor drift in the fickle morning breeze, I was hooked.

I did it again, and again and again. I couldn’t believe the amount of vapor the unit put out with a single push. I was even more awestruck by how well it mingled with the breeze and more excited yet about how far I could track the trail. That’s the day I became a Cirrus fanatic. 

Recently, I was able to sit down and chew the fat with Cirrus Outdoors Founder Jim Angott. Jim gave me the full 411 on the forward-thinking manufacturer that is winning over consumers one puff at a time.

AB: In what year was Cirrus Outdoors founded? What was the driving force behind launching a company like this?

JA: It was the summer of 2015, and I remember calling my nephew on the way to the office. He and I always joke with each other. We always tell the other, “Hey, got an invention.” Only this time, I really did. I told him I was going to take vapor technology, the same one used in vapor cigarettes, and make a wind detection unit. We laughed and chuckled about it, but then I got serious. I approached my friend Jeff Norris. He and I had been working on some other projects, and I was marketing some of the products Jeff and his company were patenting and designing. When Jeff and his team of financial advisors, attorneys and research-and-development guys took a serious look at the idea, they knew I had something. A corporation was formed between Jeff’s incubator company (BNR Technology Development LLC) and Jim’s idea for a “Category Game Changer,” Cirrus Outdoors LLC was born, and we jumped out of the gate strong and haven’t looked back.

Jeff Norris (left) is CEO of Cirrus Outdoors, and Jim Angott is the company’s president.
Jeff Norris (left) is CEO of Cirrus Outdoors, and Jim Angott is the company’s president.

AB: Tell us about the first Cirrus Outdoors wind detection unit. How did the outdoor community receive it?

JA: Like so many great inventions, Cirrus was born on a napkin drawing. I was the idea guy and big-picture visionary, but Jeff and his team had to breathe life into it. I still have every Cirrus unit we built — from a mint tin to an off-the-shelf electrical box to engineered 3-D printed prototypes. The evolution of the idea became more intense with each step. Jeff and the team of attorneys and engineers, along with our manufacturer, delivered a great fundamental product to introduce to the industry.

We launched the first unit in January 2016 at the ATA show in Louisville. We brought working 3-D printed prototypes to test the water — to see how the industry would react to a product like this. We were overwhelmed with the response. Dealers, big box stores and celebrity hunters all embraced the idea and loved the concept.

We went to market that summer. The first Cirrus Wind Indicators arrived in our Victoria, Texas, warehouse in August 2016. We grew our brand with the best in the business. Amazing retailers, a fine staff of noted celebrities, Rubline Marketing and print media brands have been instrumental in making Cirrus a household name.

With an idea for a design drawn on a napkin, the Cirrus Outdoors founders gambled and won the pot, taking the wind indicator market to the next level.
With an idea for a design drawn on a napkin, the Cirrus Outdoors founders gambled and won the pot, taking the wind indicator market to the next level.

AB: What makes the vapor formula so beneficial to the consumer? How is it better than standard wind indication powders?

JA: There’s no weight per molecule associated with vapor. Think of a smoke stack. That smoke or vapor is influenced in some way, whether it is tipping to the left or right, or maybe even going straight up with the thermal influx. Regardless of wind speed, there is always air current movement of some sort. It’s better than licking your finger, using milkweed or powder. Powder makes a mess, and it just isn’t as effective.

We love showing the Cirrus Wind unit at trade shows because the show floor often mimics those super-calm days on stand. You might think with the calm conditions all is well, and it may be. But how do you know for sure? A Cirrus unit will show you exactly where the thermals are pulling your scent. Plus, even in a wind that’s producing some speed, you can easily see our vapor move left and right with the wind. You can track it. 

AB: Is the formula harmful?

JA: Not at all! We worked tirelessly to develop a vapor product that is completely safe to use. It is safe for the environment, animals and our customers. We are a safety-conscious company, and we wanted to make sure our products mimicked our attitude about safety. We can provide our retailers with SDS (Safety Data) sheets if they request them.

AB: How many uses can a hunter get out of a single cartridge?

JA: We pride ourselves on having the strongest visible white vapor in the industry, and our cartridges will last more than three-times longer than our competitors. You can bank on over 1,400 puffs per cartridge. We are the industry leader. Nobody gets the performance we do. Nobody delivers the amount of smoke into the air that we do. Plus, the user can vary the amount of smoke by depressing the power button and bellows simultaneously. We sell our replacement cartridges in two packs, so there is tremendous value when you buy those replacement packs. We also include one non-scented Cloud cartridge, charging cord and lanyard with each Cirrus Kit.

Replacement vapor cartridges are available in a variety of scents.
Replacement vapor cartridges are available in a variety of scents.

AB: What’s the purpose behind the different smelling vapor cartridges?

JA: Hey, why not have a few cover scents and a variety of common scents that will appeal to the consumer, right? Our Earth cover scent is our most popular cartridge alongside our unscented Cloud formula. The Earth cover scent is perfect for any hunting situation. We also have a Pine cartridge for western bowhunters. Our Acorn formula is my personal favorite. It has a great smell and mimics that amazing oak/acorn aroma that tickles our nostrils every fall.


AB: Can you travel with the unit on an airplane?

JA: TSA laws are ever changing, and we’re not just going to tell you it’s OK. That’s not how we operate. Currently, we are compliant, and you can travel with your Cirrus Wind Indicator on a plane. Just know it’s a great idea to always check rules and regulations prior to any flight. We recommend you carry it on your person or in your carry-on baggage. And because the unit has a battery power bank, it’s perfect for charging your portable electronic devices during those long flights.

The Cirrus Wind Indicator also serves as a portable charging device.
The Cirrus Wind Indicator also serves as a portable charging device.

AB: Tell us about the unit’s other features.

JA: When we first launched, we had a lot of people ask us if we could change the color of the smoke to a high-visible orange or red. With our method of formulation and smoke production, this isn’t possible, so we did the next best thing. We added red and white LEDs to the top of the unit to illuminate the smoke as it pours out of the unit. The red is non-game spooking and allows the user to check the wind in low-light situations. The red LEDs light up the smoke and create a dramatic, useful and highly visible indicator at night. It is ideal for walking in and out of a hunting area in the dark and during periods of low light. It’s perfect for ground blind hunters as well.

We added a toggle button that easily allows the user to change from red to white. The white light works great for a pack light and as a backup flashlight. We have heard from our customers and retailers that adding the lights was a real game changer and actually set Cirrus apart from the rest. We have amazing battery life, and with a full charge, the LEDs can stay lit for up to 36 hours.

The strength and performance of our rechargeable battery allows users the ability to charge portable devices. From smartphones to cameras, the Cirrus has enough power to get you out of a jam. The battery is a 2200mah and works great for a quick charge when one is needed. We have had users charge e-callers, thermal scopes, POV cameras, cell phones and even an electronic dog collar using the unit. When you think about the unit as whole, we are taking more items out of your pack and giving you a multi-functioning tool.


AB: Tell us about the new Pro Cirrus.

JA: We’ve seen great growth; and we wanted to keep pushing the envelope — keep giving our users more. We wanted to develop a multi-functional product. By combining items that hunters use every day like a wind indicator, lights, portable charger, and now the ability to check trail camera cards in the field, the Pro Cirrus truly is a game-changer.

Our new Pro Cirrus has all the same great features as our CWI200 model, but we’ve added a WIFI enabled SD trail cam card reader. As hunters, we often find ourselves wanting to check our SD cards in the field. Pulling cards and then returning to the woods is time consuming, and you might spook game, too. Now, you can use your Pro Cirrus to look at pics in the field using your smartphone and our proprietary app technology.

Pro Cirrus app
Pro Cirrus app

AB: How does the app work?

JA: It’s so easy. Just insert your trail camera SD card into the bottom of the Pro Cirrus and turn on the WIFI button. Once you have a WIFI signal, you can easily connect with your smartphone. Once the connection is made between your smartphone and the Pro Cirrus, you can launch the Cirrus App. From the app you can view, download, delete and share your images directly from your smart device. We are currently working with some of our app engineers to deliver a simple, easy-to-use interface for all users. The app will be free and will be available for download by those with IOS and Android phones.


AB: Does the app have any other features?

JA: You bet. We added a Weather API. This way you can look at the forecast for your trip and make informed stand decisions and the like. Plus, you can get up-to-date weather notifications right in the field.

We also brought a compass into the picture. This digital compass allows you to check the wind with your Cirrus in one hand and look at your smartphone with the other. This allows you to get a good indication of which way the wind is blowing.

There is also a map feature. This allows you to look at your location, and based on the weather and wind, pick a stand locale that will put you right in the action. The feature shows aerial views and allows you to pin stand locations.


AB: Does Cirrus have any dealer incentive programs?

JA: We want to work with dealers and retail shops all over the world. Our goal is to create partnerships with our dealers and become very hands-on. We come from a marketing and retail background, so we fully understand what it takes to create lasting relationships.

Cirrus Outdoors is headquartered in Victoria, Texas.
Cirrus Outdoors is headquartered in Victoria, Texas.

AB: Tell us about the future of Cirrus. Where do you go from here?

JA: One thing we can promise to our customers and followers is that we will continue to be leaders in developing cutting-edge products that change the way we hunt. We look forward every year to people coming up to us at the big trade shows and asking, “So what did you guys come up with this year?”

Cirrus Outdoors will continue to lead and bring the latest outdoor advancements to our entire product line. We revolutionized a category with the Cirrus Wind Indicator and now the Pro Cirrus has taken that revolution to the next level. We have a lot planned for the future, and we are definitely a company to keep an eye on.

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