Behind the Scenes With Lumenok

Curt Price, president of The Burt Coyote Company, which makes the popular Lumenok lighted nocks, sees continued growth for his company.

Behind the Scenes With Lumenok

Lighted nocks are as much a part of bowhunting now as any other accessory. The nocks light when the arrow is released from the string during a shot, giving a hunter a swift glimpse of the trajectory. After a pass-through, the lighted nock provides a starting point for the tracking and recovery process — one of the basic, fundamental tenets of big game hunting. Lighted nocks don’t help find a deer or other game before the shot or aid during the draw; the ultimate help is with recovery.

Curt Price, president of The Burt Coyote Company, which makes the popular Lumenok lighted nocks, sees continued growth for his company. Despite a busy final few months of 2020, Price took some time to answer our questions for this month’s “In the Spotlight” column.


AB: Thanks for taking the time to visit with us this month. Lumenok is a well-known name and product, but tell us a little about the company and how it got started.       

CP: Back in 1998 I was out hunting. I was rattling and had a buck come in. He caught me drawing my bow and ducked the string when I shot. I looked for the arrow for quite a while and finally found it. On the way home I thought, There has be some way to put a light in the nock. I went to see my brother and we got to talking about it. Before the next weekend, we were shooting some of the first prototypes. This went on for a few years until we came up with a fairly foolproof product. It was prototype 17 that was first sold in the Super nock size.


AB: How has the business changed over the years for Lumenok and in general?

CP: Big conglomerates and competition selling inferior nocks. Also bow shops taking on these inferior nocks and then it just sits on the shelves. Most of our competitors use Chinese batteries and they last only about 18 months. Our batteries have a 6-year shelf life.


AB: What’s driving your research and development? What is changing with bows, crossbows and arrows that is catching your eye in relation to what Lumenok is producing or needs to change?

CP: The evolution of bows and crossbows, along with the technological advances over the years. For example, we try to keep up with the crossbow market. It seems to change faster than the vertical bow market. When we saw the new Ravin Crossbow, we went after it and landed a contract. The simplistic design and toughness are why we do a huge OEM business with the crossbow companies. The latest example is our new Crescent crossbow nock we are releasing this year. It’s an improvement over the old style and fully captures the string, which makes it a safer, more reliable design.


AB: What makes Lumenok different from its competitors?

CP: Our batteries can be replaced in all our nocks, and our batteries have a better shelf life, lasting three times longer than our competitors. Most of our competitors use bobber lights in their lighted nocks. Bobber lights are meant for night-fishing bobbers, not arrow nocks.

Lumenok nocks are made to be seen in broad daylight. Unlike competitors, our nocks are made to be shot thousands of times and last for years.

AB: Some companies start branching out into other aspects of their community, but Lumenok has not. How has this paid off?

CP: First and foremost, our efforts have always been centered around lighted nocks and supporting and growing with that industry. In addition, we have sold arrows and still sell crossbow bolts, arrow pullers, the Arrow Squaring tool, and we even sell a golf product, The Putting Stroke Teacher. The Putting Stroke Teacher has helped several golf pros perfect their game and win tournaments. We have more than 100 Tour pros using it.


AB: The Lumenok Fishing Arrow for bowfishing combines a Lumenock with two shaft options. Is the bowfishing market untapped, and how have sales been for this product?

CP: We do sell fishing arrows for an option to use lighted nocks. We do this for ourselves and our friends at Sullivan Industries. It really is a cool thing to do at night.


AB: I’m a dealer: Why should I carry your products?

CP: We are made by bowhunters for bowhunters. We are made in the USA, and we back our products with great customer service. We are continually improving our products and developing new ones to serve the bowhunting community.


AB: Hunters see a ton of new products each year at the ATA and SHOT shows along with other events. How does Lumenok stand out and set itself apart to customers looking for lighted nocks?

CP: We are brighter, stronger and made in the USA. I think this year with the pandemic, people have shown us what they think of foreign-made products.

AB: Not just with customers, but how does Lumenok stand out to retailers? Do you offer special pricing, deals or other programs?

CP: We do offer specials at the trade shows, and our goal is always to provide and support our dealers to the best of our ability.


AB: What can dealers expect from Lumenok over the next few years?

CP: Dealers can always expect to receive a high-quality, made in America nock that is backed by great customer service. We have pioneered lighted nocks and we will continue to innovate and be a market leader in the category.


AB: Anything else you’d like to add about Lumenok that dealers should know?

CP: Nobody has been doing this any longer than we have. We have sold over 8 million nocks in the last 18 years and counting! About two-thirds of our customer service staff are trouble-shooting consumer calls we receive on a daily basis, mostly revolving around products that are not even ours, but everyone calls a lighted nock a Lumenok and calls us.


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