Behind the Scenes With Outdoor Product Innovations

Outdoor Product Innovations is committed to making your retail business more successful with innovative products to keep your consumers’ outdoor experiences safe, enjoyable and successful.

Behind the Scenes With Outdoor Product Innovations

At its core, Outdoor Product Innovations is a family-run business that takes pride in developing top-quality, premium products for hunting, fishing and outdoor industries. A key component to their product development is an innovative design, which ensures durable, high-quality, useful products. Regardless of the product, from game feeders to ground blinds, tent stakes to treestands, that innovation is infused into their process. To back their quality products, Outdoor Product Innovations is committed to providing topnotch customer service for consumers and retailers alike. Their storied history is founded on that “recipe for success.”

Outdoor Product Innovations is known for its industry-leading brands, such as Rhino Blinds, LiDCAM+ Action Camera, Outpost Feeders, Leg Cuff and Capsule Game Feeders. In 2020, Outdoor Product Innovations acquired Big Dog Hunting, adding treestands to its long list of products.

As an industry leader, Outdoor Product Innovations strives to perform well in all entered markets and looks forward to continuing on that path in 2020 with many new upcoming ventures on the horizon. To accomplish that goal, their number one objective is to provide strong retail dealer support, which is a boon for archery retailers.

Recently, I spoke with OPI President/CEO Dan Reaser to find out more about his companies, brands and a few exciting products currently on the market. Here’s what he had to say.

Outdoor Product Innovations President/CEO Dan Reaser (center) with other members of the OPI team.
Outdoor Product Innovations President/CEO Dan Reaser (center) with other members of the OPI team.

AB: What would you like archery retailers to know about the family-run Outdoor Product Innovations?

DR: We indeed are a family. The team includes myself, family members Danny Reaser and Shannon Reaser, as well as individuals like Mick Maynard, Cathy Nadolski and Sarah Schmitz who I have worked with for 20 to 30 years, as well as other key members like Kody Bender and Aaron Klunk who bring many years of hunting and outdoor experience to the team.

Our company culture was born from my experiences as a young hunter. I remember visiting several small bow shops in my early days when I was just 16, shooting a recurve. Sure, we like the big accounts, but we realize the heart of America lies within smaller bow shops across the country. We respect their presence, and we aim to provide them with the support they deserve to operate their businesses. We keep product on-hand throughout the year, we ship quickly and efficiently, and our products sell-through. We are committed to all retailers to help them achieve success.


AB: Discuss the recent acquisition of Big Dog Hunting and why you feel it’s important overall.

DR: Outdoor Product Innovations will always look to acquire companies we trust and believe in. It’s been key to our continued growth. We’re excited about this acquisition of Big Dog Hunting as well as the products that come with it. Big Dog has provided industry-leading, innovative products that maintain a spotless safety record, allowing Big Dog Hunting the opportunity to be one of the top treestand manufacturers in the country year in and year out. Our retails partners have been asking us to enter the treestand category, and when you combine our leading distribution model, history of on-time delivery, and consistent sell-through results, adding treestands to the Outdoor Products Innovation family became a logical choice.


AB: Tell us more about the specific product lines and history of Big Dog Hunting.

DR: The Big Dog Hunting brands consist of Big Dog Treestands, Big Dog Ground Blinds, LockJawz Treestands and Advanced “Take-Down” Treestands. Big Dog Hunting, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company since 2005, was founded on the premise of exceptional products and impeccable customer service. They focus on safety and comfort with a strong commitment to value. Big Dog products are tested to TMA and NSTM safety standards and trusted by industry experts everywhere. Big Dog Hunting supplies the industry with safety harnesses, ground blinds and a continuously-growing line of hunting accessories. Big Dog has always evaluated their product line to make design and quality improvements, creating industry-changing products. You can be confident and comfortable in your Big Dog products all season long.


AB: Rhino Blinds has been an industry standard for a long time. Tell me more about the brand.

DR: Rhino Blinds hunting ground blinds are the perfect addition to any hunt. Whether you’re a first-timer or an avid hunter, we have a blind to fit your needs. Rhino Blinds come in many sizes and window configurations and are available in all your favorite camo patterns. Set up and take down is a breeze with our durable rod and hub systems, and replacement parts are always in stock and available. Innovative design, backed with top-notch customer service, is what makes Rhino Blinds “America’s Favorite Ground Blind.” Rhino Blinds have been endorsed by hunting professionals, photographers, hunting guides and more.

AB: Which Outdoor Product Innovations products are you most excited about this year?

DR: With the Rhino Blind brand, we have a new see-through, two-panel blind that will come to market in 2020. We feel that this product is genuinely innovative, and we are excited to get it in the hands of retailers and consumers. Big Dog Hunting will expand its Stadium Treestand series by building off of the existing line but with a few new exciting features. Capsule Feeders has a new 400-pound feeder that we feel fits a niche in the market, and we look forward to adding that product as well. Of course, we are incredibly proud of all of our products; we will continue to be a capable, nimble and supportive resource for retailers and consumers for great outdoor products.


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