Behind the Scenes With The Outdoor Group

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Behind the Scenes With The Outdoor Group

The Outdoor Group is comprised of several strong, premium brands easily familiar to bowhunters and competitive archers. Founded in 2012, TOG’s focus is to develop and manufacture top-notch archery and hunting equipment. The majority of its business is done in the United States and Canada, but The Outdoor Group conducts business worldwide. Its brands are Elite Archery, Scott Archery Releases, Custom Bow Equipment, Duel Game Calls, Winner’s Choice Bowstrings, Slick Trick Broadheads and Solid Broadheads.

  • Elite Archery focuses on designing “The World’s Most Shootable Bow” and creating high-tech compound bows for hunters and target shooters.
  • Winner’s Choice Bowstrings is a leading industry string and cable manufacturer, with several proprietary technologies and processes.
  • Solid Broadhead Company is known for its premium broadheads that have superior flight characteristics thanks to best-in-class construction and materials.
  • As the most trusted name in releases, Scott Archery has been identifying the little things that make a big difference to the bowhunter and archer for over 40 years. Proudly Made in America, Scott Archery brings together high-quality materials, target inspired design and tight tolerances to deliver dependable performance that allows the shooter to Release With Confidence.
  • Duel Game Calls is known for its realistic sounds, thanks to anatomically accurate designs that mimic a variety of animals.
  • Custom Bow Equipment — field tested, podium-proven archery accessories that carry an exceptional value and ship to retailer partners FAST.
  • Slick Trick Broadheads are known for precision, accuracy, durability and razor-sharp blades thanks to 100 percent steel construction.

The Outdoor Group operates from a 71,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and office space in West Henrietta, New York. Let’s find out more about TOC from Paul Guillot, Vice President of Sales.

CBE bowsights have earned an outstanding reputation among hunters and tournament shooters around the world.
CBE bowsights have earned an outstanding reputation among hunters and tournament shooters around the world.

AB: In a nutshell, Paul, tell us about The Outdoor Group.

PG: We’re a family of brands. Even more than that, we’re a family of archers building products for archers. We’re proud of that. As a company filled with high-end users, we understand the challenges — not only what your shop goes through, but also what your customer goes through. We look for ways to address that every day.


AB: Elite Archery got things started for the company in 2009, and then a flurry of acquisitions was made in 2012. Since then a few more brands have been added. How do you continually improve your variety of products that span the gamut from a dealer’s tech bench to a bowhunter in a stand? A lot of research and development? Trial and error in the field? Tips from dealers and customers?

PG: Our goal every day is to create a better archer. How do we do that? Feedback is key. What we want you to know is we embrace your feedback. Let us know how we can be better, how we can be better for you, and let’s simply have a conversation of what your needs may be. You may see some of that in our products in the future. A lot of our products currently have this kind of feedback from our partners in the field now.

From bows and sights to broadheads and strings, The Outdoor Group offers dealers top-notch archery gear for shooters of all ages and experience levels.
From bows and sights to broadheads and strings, The Outdoor Group offers dealers top-notch archery gear for shooters of all ages and experience levels.

AB: I’m a dealer. Tell me why I should do business with The Outdoor Group and consider its brands.

PG: We want to provide to you the ability to have a one-stop shop through a family of brands — brands matter to the dealer and they matter to the consumer. We really create an experience for you where you can pick up the phone, have a conversation with one person, and address your needs through our portfolio. Not only does our portfolio have a lot to offer, but our programs also put you in a position to achieve the best pricing and be profitable, and we’re proud of that.


AB: How can dealers see your products, prices, offers and other information?

PG: Our goal is to be very easy to do business with. That’s hard to accomplish but it’s something we strive for daily. One thing we’re proud of is our Partner Portal. It gives you the ability to order products 24 hours a day, at any time you may think of it. It may be late at night, it may be early in the morning. But you can go into your custom account, scroll and click, and order as you need it. We want to provide convenience through that portal, and encourage you to explore it and use it to your advantage.


AB: Anything else you’d like to add?

PG: More than anything, at The Outdoor Group we want you to know that we care, we listen and we want to provide you with a great experience. That’s what we look forward to doing every day.


Sidebar: Shootability = Sellability; Why Quality Equipment Matters

If you’re able to spend more time with customers instead of working on their bows — and engaged with them — you’ll probably have a better experience. They will, too. In the end, that’s a win-win for both of you because it likely will result in more sales for you. It’s what The Outdoor Group calls “Shootablity = Sellability.” It works.

If a bow is easier to tune and set up, and shoots easier in the customer’s hands, that is a positive outcome for you and them. They’ll be happier, and you can talk with them about accessories, hunting trips or anything else. They have your attention. But if you’re behind the counter cranking on a bow press or looking for tools, then your customers are likely not interacting with your staff. This isn’t ideal.

That’s one thing the designers at Elite Archery focused on when they created the ASYM Tri-Track cam system. It uses a cable on each side to laterally balance the cable load on each side of the axle, which keeps the cam stable all the way to full draw. It also allows archers and bow technicians to change the draw length, let-off and back wall with just a Torx wrench. The quarter-inch increments provide you with the ability to create more of a custom bow setup for customers.

Additionally, the Simplified. Exact. Tuning. Technology gives you the ability to create micro-adjustments to the cam for an easier tuning process. You won’t need a bow press for this, either, thanks to the simplicity of the S.E.T. Technology.

You’ll see an adjustable set-screw on the top and the bottom of the riser for arrow tuning adjustments. Just follow the arrow for a left tear or a right tear. Bingo! You can make massive adjustments accurate for the archer in just seconds. It’s that easy.

For more information about Elite Archery or other brands in The Outdoor Group, visit

Shootability creates Sellability for Elite Archery’s retail partners. Check out the 3-minute dealer video below from Paul Guillot, VP of Sales. He explains how Elite’s S.E.T. Technology (Simplified Exact Tuning) along with ASYM Tri-Track Cam Technology provide a better shooting experience for all archers.

Also check out this short video where Paul Guillot explains more about The Outdoor Group and its family of brands, as well as what value the company can deliver to its retail partners.


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