Best Arrows for 2017

The 2017 arrow lineup is on track to be the best performing we’ve seen yet. Here are some to check out.
Best Arrows for 2017

Arrow manufacturers have implemented new materials and production processes, yielding end products that blow away those from even five short years ago. To that end, 2017’s arrow lineup is on track to be the best performing we’ve seen yet.

Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie

Flashy graphics, tight specs and durable construction make the Velocity Valkyrie ($130/12) from Gold Tip an outstanding bowhunting arrow. It comes with a factory four-fletch configuration, and its lightweight Velocity construction maximizes speed without sacrificing strength, thanks to Gold Tip’s 100 Percent Pure Carbon Technology. The Valkyrie boasts +/- .003-inch straightness and +/- .5-grain weight tolerances. Five spine offerings – 300, 340, 400, 500 and 600 – cover all bow setups. The four-fletch configuration increases back-end drag for faster stabilization, shrinking group sizes by up to 75 percent. Field archers often face long distances and windy conditions, which is exactly why the Pierce Tour ($200/12) makes such an outstanding arrow for said conditions. Impeccable tolerances – +/- .001-inch straightness and +/- .5-grain weight variation – equip the world’s premier field archers with exactly what they need to win: a dependable arrow featuring Gold Tip’s 100 Percent Pure Carbon Technology, which retains straightness, shot after shot. Assorted components are available so you can build the Pierce Tour to suit specific needs. Six spines – 300, 340, 400, 500, 600 and 700 – mean virtually any field archer can shoot the Pierce Tour. (800-551-0541;

Easton XX75 Autumn Orange 6MM FMJ

Easton is throwing back its ultra-popular FMJ with a look that resembles its 1970-90’s XX75 aluminum arrows in Autumn Orange. Enter the limited-edition XX75 Autumn Orange 6MM FMJ ($80/6). The arrow features the same carbon core wrapped with a 7075-aluminum jacket as the original 6MM shaft, but in a unique old-fashioned look that begs for attention. The 6MM FMJ AO is available in three spine sizes – 320, 390 and 470 – and Easton offers it affordably. The shaft features a +/- .003-inch straightness, and it’s one arrow you won’t want to miss out on. Easton’s 6MM Axis Under Armour ($70/6) arrow delivers small-diameter performance at a big value. It rocks Under Armour Ridge Reaper camo, and its reduced diameter improves strength, reduces wind drift and drives deep on impact, giving you superior performance when you need it most. 6MM Axis Under Armour arrows include RPS inserts and red 6MM nocks. A +/- .003-inch straightness rating ensures the Axis Under Armour flies precisely to boost your bowhunting game. (801-539-1400;

Victory Archery VAP TKO Elite

Victory Archery’s VAP TKO Elite ($110/6) delivers premier tolerances. Hailing from the VAP Low-Torque line, the TKO Elite boasts a +/- .0001-inch straightness. Its 100 percent-carbon MaxxKe construction yields a micro-diameter shaft designed to hit hard. A 45-degree carbon weave reduces the twisting forces transferred from bow to arrow when fired. Thus, the shaft recovers more quickly than conventional designs to improve flight. Shok inserts – 35 grains, 7075 hard-anodized aluminum; 95 grains, 303 stainless steel – augment penetration by optimizing FOC. Victory’s Nano Ceramic ICE coating adds the finishing touches for stealth, penetration and effortless target removal. The NVX target series ($154/12, shafts only) is also new from Victory. Built from 100 percent high-modulus carbon, the NVX boasts the largest shaft diameter compliant with the World Archery Federation. The three-model series — NVX 23, NVX 25 and NVX 25HV – incorporates the Nano Ceramic ICE coating, and the shafts are spine-aligned for precision accuracy. For the traditional bowhunter, Victory launches the CarbonTrad ($110/6) in the Gamer (+/- .003-inch straightness) and Sport (+/- .006-inch straightness). Digitally spine-aligned, the CarbonTrad is a small-diameter, 100 percent high-modulus carbon arrow featuring a traditional wood look covered in Victory’s sleek Nano Ceramic ICE coating. It’s available in 350, 450 and 550 spines, and comes hand-fletched for optimal feather adhesion and alignment. (866-934-6565;

Carbon Express Mayhem DS Series

Mayhem DS Series ($60/6, Mayhem DS; $65/6, Mayhem Hunter DS and Mayhem DS Hot Pursuit) arrows from Carbon Express integrate CX’s proprietary Dual Spine Weight Forward technology, which fuses together carbon materials to create two spines and more effectively manage energy and speed up recovery. As a result, the arrow spins 20 percent sooner than conventional arrows, delivering unparalleled broadhead flight. CX’s BuffTuff, the toughest and quietest carbon-arrow finish available, coats the shaft’s front section. All Mayhem DS shafts are laser-checked for straightness, producing a .0035-inch straightness (maximum variance). Revolutionary LaunchPad precision nocks complete the package. Carbon Express also welcomes the Maxima RED SD ($100/6) to its lineup. It combines proven Maxima RED technologies, including the RED Zone – designed to control Dynamic Spine – into a smaller shaft diameter. This reduces wind drift and maximizes penetration. All RED SD six- and 12-packs are sorted and matched for weight consistency throughout the bundle. BullDog Nock Collars protect the shaft, and LaunchPad precision nocks and Bohning Blazer vanes complement this high-performance .203-inch diameter arrow. (800-241-4833;

Beman ICS White Out

Beman’s ICS White Out bolts ($41/6) are weight-matched and 100 percent straightness-checked so your crossbow customers can shoot with lights-out accuracy during high-intensity hunting situations. ICS White Out carbon bolts offer multi-laminate construction with bright white carbon and are matched with field-proven components. Modern graphics add appeal, and the bright white surface improves flight visibility. It’s also easier to find amidst autumn leaves once it has passed through a deer or another critter. But that’s not all: now you can identify your shot type based on the blood visibility the surface provides. The White Out is both lightweight and ultra-durable – the ultimate bowhunting bolt. (801-539-1400;

Rage Simply Lethal

Rage makes the arrow-buying process easier on consumers with its all-new Simply Lethal Arrow package ($60/3). It combines pre-cut, inserted and fletched Gold Tip arrows with your choice of the Rage SC 2-Blade 100-grain or the Rage SC 2-Blade 100-grain Chisel Tip broadheads, plus a set of field points for target practice. The arrows are ready to shoot, letting your customers experience the simplicity of grab-and-go convenience. The arrows come pre-cut to 29½ inches and are fully equipped with nocks, inserts and GT vanes, plus deadly Rage broadheads. The GT arrows have a +/- .006-inch straightness tolerance and a +/- .002-grain weight tolerance – specs that suit the close-range bowhunter. Rage’s proven Shock Collar reliably retains the blades in flight but allows flawless deployment upon impact. (866-387-9307;

SLASH Carbon Crossbolt

SLASH Arrows are known for their wicked InsetBlade Technology, and now SLASH expands its line to offer the ultra-deadly SLASH Carbon Crossbolt. Unlike traditional bolts, the SLASH Carbon Crossbolt ($) features patented INsetBlade Technology, which creates a 275 percent larger wound channel than other leading bolt-and-broadhead combinations. It does this without producing extra drag since the blades are contained within a 4-inch section of the shaft. All SLASH Carbon Crossbolts are weight-matched with broadheads and field tips before being shipped. (713-444-0788;

Elite Enforcer 350

Elite Archery brings you the Enforcer 350 ($) arrow, a perfect complement to an Elite bow (though it’s also compatible with other bows). Like Elite bows, the Enforcer 350 offers tight tolerances, and it’s made from 100 percent high-modulus carbon fiber. The product of this construction is maximum strength and durability. At 8.7 grains per inch, the Enforcer 350 is right in the wheelhouse for most bowhunting applications, and its smooth finish improves target removal, enhances penetration and glides stealthily across the arrow-rest launcher. The U.S.-made Enforcer 350 features a .245-inch inside diameter, and bundles are weight-matched to +/- 0.5 grains, giving bowhunters the ultimate in consistency. (877-503-5483;

Eagle Black Instinct

The Instinct ($65/6) from Black Eagle Arrows is a micro-diameter carbon arrow featuring a wood-grain look to perfectly complement any traditional-bow setup. A 15/64-inch diameter reduces wind resistance and enhances penetration. The Instinct’s +/- .005-inch straightness rating makes it perfectly suited for close-range traditional-bowhunting encounters, and it’s available in 350, 400, 500 and 600 spines. Cresting and 3-inch feathers instill tasteful traditional appeal. The Instinct brims with durability, and it incorporates a 100-grain Super Tough outsert to bolster FOC. Not only does the Instinct look incredible, but it performs like a workhorse. (678-208-3429;

No Limit Cobalt

No Limit Archery has long been known for its great-performing release aids. Now the company welcomes the all-new Cobalt ($) arrow shaft to its lineup. Built from 100 percent high-modulus carbon material, the Cobalt is a lightweight shaft designed for speed and forgiveness, attributes that pay off in spades when shooting from unmarked yardages in the target arena. The Cobalt exudes precision with its +/- .001-inch straightness rating, and No Limit designed it specifically for FITA and recurve shooters. Additionally, No Limit offers Cobalt-exclusive components, including 3-D target points and pin-nock bushings. (800-237-4507;

Nockturnal Predator

The Predator 20- and 22-inch Lighted Crossbow Bolts ($64/3) from Nockturnal were designed around the concepts of accuracy and durability. Perfect for game big and small across North America and across the pond, these bolts boast a super-beefy design and fly like darts. Each bolt comes with a pre-installed Nockturnal lighted nock, so they are ready for the woods right out of the package. (800-282-4868;

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