Best Bow Releases for 2017

There are so many options available today that finding the release aid that provides consistency, reliability, functionality and adjustability is easy. Here are a few options of the newest available models to consider.
Best Bow Releases for 2017

There are so many options available today that finding the right release aid that provides consistency, reliability, functionality and adjustability is as easy as going to your local bow shop and testing them out. Here are a few of the newest available models to consider.



Scott Archery Talon and Echo


Always on the cutting edge, Scott Archery raises the bar once again with the new Talon ($120) and Echo ($130) releases. Touted as the straightest-shooting hook-style release today, the Talon’s single-sear driven, inline True Center design reduces string-loop torque and features nine different length adjustments and a fully adjustable trigger. Its 100 percent loop clearance eliminates string ticks and auto resets after every shot, and the interchangeable curved or straight trigger options meet the desire of any hunter.

The unique asymmetrical design of the Echo features a Hyper Jaw system that delivers perfect synchornization to remove lateral torque coming from inconsistent shooting form. Its smooth and crisp Roller Trigger System offers separate trigger travel and tension adjustments, and the curved trigger design helps provide consistent finger placement. (606-663-2734;

Spot-Hogg Keeton

The new Keeton ($115) from Spot-Hogg has a unique design that blends two styles of releases into one. It’s a wrist-strap, index-trigger style at its core but also has an integrated grip that allows the archer to draw using more than just the shoulder to handle the weight. When adjusted properly, the shooter can distribute the weight evenly between the grip, wrist, arm and shoulder, allowing him or her to pull more weight and hold it longer. At full draw the grip pivots, quickly aligning the finger with the trigger to provide better stability and accuracy. (541-995-3702;

Carter Enterprises Whatever

Known for their back-tension style release systems, Carter also offers the Whatever ($153) index-finger wrist-style release. It features a “one-push” closed-jaw system with an innovative angled loop channel that self aligns the D-loop to the same position every time for consistent accuracy. The user can easily adjust the trigger-pull distance, and the Dowel Interchangeable Tension System allows the shooter to customize the trigger pull from one to 10 pounds. (208-624-3467;

Jim Fletcher Outsider 

The new Outsider ($81) from Jim Fletcher is designed for D-loops only. This thumb-trigger release attached to a wrist-sling features a unique stabilizer arm designed to prevent trigger jerk and reduce target panic. By squeezing the stabilizer arm and the thumb trigger together, the shooter will not only enhance overall shot consistency, but will also create a silky-smooth release every time. The Outsider comes in a two-tone black-and-gray anodized head and a deluxe leather buckle wrist strap or nylon hook-and-loop strap. (760-379-2589;

Tru-Fire Panic-X Buckle and Eva Shockey Signature Series

Panic-X Buckle

Tru-Fire’s Panic-X Buckle Foldback ($150) release truly lives up to its name. Designed with anti-trigger punch technology, the Panic-X features a customizable length adjustment, adjustable trigger travel, and a capture hook design that grabs the string or D-loop with ease, but also releases it crisply once engaged. Its foldback design easily flips the head and post out of the way when you need to use your hand.

Eva Shockey Signature Series

The new Eva Shockey Signature Series ($100) from Tru-Fire is a foldback release that features a compact head with Tru-Forward trigger-finger positioning and a cam-sear design that crisply actuates the hook release. When the trigger is released, the spring-loaded long-profile hook immediately returns to the locked draw position. Its Tru-Center technology allows the head to freely pivot and rotate on two axes in order to self-align to the centerline of the release, and the head is coated in a sound-dampening finish to dramatically reduce noise. (920-923-6866;

T.R.U. Ball Valor CG and Glory CG


T.R.U. Ball is no stranger to archery release success, and the new Valor CG ($90) and Glory CG ($90) are sure to only add to the company’s already long list of exceptional releases. Both feature the globo-swivel torque-reduction system where the post connects to the wrist strap, eliminating unwanted torque on the D loop, and both boast a superior 440 hardened stainless-steel roller sear system and ergonomic trigger that allows the shooter to set the trigger travel to the desired amount.

Glory CG

The “Comfort Grip” rubber sleeve and thumb grip/pad are strategically placed to deliver traction, warmth and comfort in virturally any shooting situation. The Valor CG Jaw-and-Half redefines the original single-caliper jaw release, allowing the shooter to make adjustments in jaw gap to account for different sized D-loops to ensure perfect cradle and release, while the Glory CG release is a dual-caliper release that has two totally independent jaws to deliver a crisp release with plenty of adjustment as well. (434-929-2800;

Hot Shot Nano Post

Available in three wrist-strap designs, the Nano Post series ($55) from Hot Shot features a torque-free cat’s eye hook for D-loops and has fully adjustable trigger tension and a micro-adjustable, 360-degree post that will never slip or adjust. Its foldback design tucks the release out of the way when you need to use your hand unencumbered, and with its match-grade trigger the Nano Post is machined with aerospace pedigrees that create a smooth and flawless release every time. (435-752-9302,

No Limit Magnetiks Multi-Digit Trigger

Available in either an anodized aluminum or lightweight composite, the new Magnetiks Multi-Digit Trigger release ($130) from No Limit Archery incorporates a wrist strap and a user-adjustable magnet trigger-release system to fine-tune trigger tension. Similar to the popular No Limit Ringer release, the Magnetiks Multi-Digit Trigger offers the shooter the option to use the ring finger for activation while also adding a middle finger option. This configuration creates a smoother activation that helps prevent trigger punch and target panic, resulting in 10-ring accuracy. (800-237-4507;

TruGlo Activator and Nitrus


TruGlo expands its popular line of archery releases with the new Activator ($74). Offering an ergonomic head and trigger, the Activator is a single-jaw roller sear precision release that features a 360-degree rotating head to eliminate string torque, a micro-adjustable trigger and a spring-activated trigger that resets automatically after every shot.


The unique BOA closure system ensures it fits like a glove, and the Side-Lock Connector enables the post to swing out.

TruGlo’s new Nitrus ($100) offers many of the same features as the Activator, but it is a dual-jaw release with a streamline jaw design to ensure fast and easy loading. The stainless-steel firing mechanism is extremely durable and the precision stainless-steel jaws with forward-trigger position releases the string or D-loop crisply, without any wear. (972-774-0300;

Mamba Micro

Cobra Archery Mamba and Mamba Micro Adjust

Machined to high tolerances to ensure quality and performance, Cobra Archery’s Mamba ($50) and Mamba Micro Adjust ($50) feature a dual-caliper head that can turn a full 360 degrees, which prevents torque and increases accuracy. The Mamba Micro has a threaded aluminum tube between the head and the wrist strap that provides the shooter with infinite length adjustment, and both offer a forward-mounted adjustable ergonomic trigger to maximize draw length and increase arrow speed. (918-366-3634;

Goat Tuff Equalizer

Nicknamed “the Speed Machine,” the revolutionary Equalizer ($200) from Goat Tuff can add up to 3 inches of draw length while maintaining the same anchor point. This not only creates accelerated arrow speed and penetration, but also provides a flatter trajectory without having to increase draw weight. Offering a wider draw shelf and repositioned trigger, the Equalizer features ergonomic, straight-line dynamics to enhance accuracy, and a machined-aluminum body provides rugged superiority. Its large head houses stainless-steel internal components and a plunger-style adjustable trigger. (520-742-1701;

T-Handle Style Releases

Wise Choice

Carter Enterprises Wise Choice and 2 Moons

Based on their popular 1st Choice release, the Wise Choice ($227) by Carter Enterprises is a thumb-trigger release that adds an index-finger hole to assist with consistent index-finger placement. It features the same popular auto-closing jaw for a quick and easy attachment to D-loops and a set screw adjustment system for very precise trigger tension.

2 Moon

Available in both three- and four-finger configurations, the Wise Choice also has a removable lanyard system that gives the bowhunter an option of clipping it on the loop or keeping it on his or her wrist.

Available in two-, three- or four-finger configuration, Carter’s 2 Moons ($162) is a back-tension release incorporating a revolutionary clicker system that gives the shooter the ability to micro-adjust the length of the clicker in .005 increments for full customization. The speed of the release can also be adjusted 2 degrees at a time with the new clamping system. Due to its split-moon design, the rotation of the release is as smooth after the click as it is before. (208-624-3467; www.carterenterprises)

Scott Archery Sigma

Bring tournament accuracy to the field with the new Sigma ($250) from Scott Archery. The Sigma is a thumb-trigger release that features a comfortable, more ergonomic “scalloped” handle that delivers consistent hand position while creating an ideal pivot point for effortless shooting. Other features include a fully adjustable thumb barrel for nearly 360-degree adjustment options, interchangeable spring system for full range adjustment and internal components designed from machined 440 stainless steel hardened to Rockwell 58 to ensure to lasting performance. (606-663-2734;

Jim Fletcher Jimi T

The popular Jimi T ($91) from Jim Fletcher is a three-finger handle design with a micro-adjustable thumb trigger that can be adjusted from hair to heavy pull with ease. With zero trigger travel and Fletcher’s signature over-center linkage system, the user is sure to have a smooth release every time. Included with the Jimi T is the choice of stainless-steel trigger pin, knurled trigger sleeve that slides over the pin or adjustable knurled thimble. (760-379-2589;

Tru-Fire Sear Back-Tension Release

Tru-Fire’s new Sear Back Tension Release ($150) features a patent-pending, four-sided variable-click sear that offers the shooter the choice of no-click, short-click, medium-click and long-click settings. Each sear has a hot/cold adjustment that can be adjusted to the shooter’s exact travel preference. Machined to ensure perfect engagement of the sear and the stainless-steel hook, the one-piece anodized-aluminum release head features a captured stainless-steel pivot pin that allows it to rotate smoothly. The sear's ergonomic handle is CNC milled from solid brass, is finished with a Black Chrome coating for increased durability and comes with two anodized-aluminum finger extensions; the first provides a hook that wraps the ring finger for a three-finger configuration, and the second adds a fourth-finger option with five anodizing colors to choose from. (920-923-6866;

T.R.U. Ball Fang

With an ergonomic three- or four-finger design, T.R.U. Ball’s  Fang series ($145) features a Full Containment System (FCS) with a hook-style jaw that allows the archer to push the FCS slide forward to lock the release on the D-loop or pull the slide back when repeatedly shooting at the range. It also has the ability to shoot with no sensitivity spring for the lightest possible setting or a medium and heavy spring for a more robust option. With the independent trigger-travel adjustment screw, the shooter can set the thumb barrel to the desired adjustment for consistent releases. (434-929-2800;

Spot-Hogg Whipper Snapper

Spot Hogg’s Whipper Snapper ($165) features a slender, ergonomic design that is built with proprietary materials and an actuating system that provides an extremely fast and crisp trigger break. Offering single screw adjustability for tension and trigger travel, the Whipper Snapper has a release trigger barrel that is adjustable to fit virtually any hand and is offered with open- or closed-jaw mechanisms. The Whiper Snapper is offered in a flat black finish in either three- or four-finger options. (541-995-3702;

Hot Shot Vapor

Available with a three-finger or four-finger design, the Vapor ($120) from Hot Shot is designed with the bowhunter in mind. Offering a crisp trigger pull and a silent, auto-close torque-free hook design, the Vapor’s 360-degree fully adjustable thumb barrel is directly connected to the hook through an over-center mechanism. With no pressure on the hook, it opens when the trigger is pulled and closes when the trigger is let go. Once pressure is applied to the hook while drawing the bow, the hook does not move until released, virtually eliminating trigger travel. (435-752-9302,

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This article originally appeared in the Archery Business April 2017 issue.


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