Bowhunting Gear Roundup: Top Arrows, Broadheads, Arrow Rests and Bowsights for 2020

Having the right archery tackle can go a long way toward turning a good season into a great season and give you the confidence that when the rubber meets the road — and a big buck walks into your life — your equipment won’t let you down.

Bowhunting Gear Roundup: Top Arrows, Broadheads, Arrow Rests and Bowsights for 2020

I get a chuckle out of 2nd Swing Golf’s motto, “It’s not you, it’s your clubs,” but there’s a good measure of truth in this tongue-in-cheek sales pitch. When the chips are down, the difference between using budget and top-tier equipment can make or break the moment — whether you’re driving a ball down a narrow tree-lined fairway at the local golf course or taking a hurried shot at the buck of a lifetime as he slips through your shooting lane. In fact, bowhunters are a lot like golfers in the respect they are always looking for that silver-bullet equipment purchase that will elevate their game to the next level — and savvy archery shop owners make sure they have all of the new bells and whistles on hand to satisfy their wants and needs.

Lucky for today’s archery retailers, those brainiacs who design and manufacture today’s bowhunting equipment are continually tinkering — it’s what they do — and coming up with amazing new products that make bowhunters better at launching arrows with lethal precision. From the bows they shoot, to the arrows and broadheads, sights, rests and other accessories they routinely use, this is truly the Golden Age of Bowhunting — equipment-wise. And you can believe that perceptive archery pro shop owners and archery equipment retailers will do all they can to capture the moment — and those hard-earn Benjamins — when customers walk through their doors, or take a deep dive through the gear on their websites during these challenging COVID-19 times.

So, with that in mind, here’s quick look at some of the coolest bowhunting gear to hit the store shelves this year — items you’re going to want to keep front and center. And remember, it’s up to you to convince your customers that, “Hey, it’s not you, it’s your equipment.”

Arrows: Straight to the Point


Black Eagle Spartan

The Spartan carbon hunting arrow from Black Eagle Arrows was developed by taking the best characteristics from larger 19/64-inch and smaller 17/64-inch arrows. The goal was a small outside diameter for maximum accuracy and penetration. However, like with larger arrows, the intent for the 100% carbon Spartan was to utilize an insert for easier arrow removal and to reinforce the front of the arrow for bone-shattering impacts. Fletched arrows include a Black Eagle Arrows R nock, Spartan stainless steel nock bushing, Spartan stainless steel insert and Bohning Blazer vanes. MSRP: $83.49/Six-pack. Contact:


Bloodsport Bloodhunter

Bloodsport’s Bloodhunter is a standard-diameter, mid-weight arrow that provides the accuracy and penetration needed to consistently and effectively take down big game animals. Its +/-.004-inch straightness tolerance and Blazer vanes provide the precision serious bowhunters demand, and its carbon Rugged Wrap construction ensures durability and lethal performance. The Bloodhunter also includes Bloodsport’s unique Blood Ring, which helps hunters determine shot placement based on the blood type and color left on the ring of the recovered arrow. The Bloodhunter is available in the most popular spine sizes — 300, 350, 400 and 500. MSRP: $54.99/Six-pack. Contact:


Carbon Express D-Stroyer

With three options to choose from, the new for 2020 D-Stroyer line of hunting arrows from Carbon Express maximizes the performance of the company’s exclusive Dual Spine Weight Forward technology to deliver better accuracy and performance when compared to traditional single spine arrow construction. All three versions — the D-Stroyer, D-Stroyer MX Hunter and D-Stroyer SD — feature a patented two-spine arrow shaft that reduces oscillation by 50% vs. single-spine arrow and all three models feature 2-inch Quadel vanes. The MX Hunter is available in 400, 350 and 300 spine configurations, the SD and D-Stroyer in 400 and 350 spines. MSRP: $84.99-$149.99/12-pack shafts. Contact:


Easton 6.5 Bowhunter Carbon

For 2020, Easton rounded out its 6.5 carbon arrow lineup with the introduction of the 6.5mm Bowhunter, produced with the company’s unique Acu-carbon seamless machine-made process that ensures consistency from shaft to shaft. The result is repeatable performance and predictable accuracy. Bowhunter arrows come with ST RPS inserts and Microlite nocks included. In addition to its lighter weight, the Microlite nock is also more forgiving of release inconsistencies and it reduces misalignment thanks to a shorter shank that positions the string closer to the shaft. Combined, these inserts and nocks enhance the arrow’s balance and accuracy to provide stable flight and tighter groups. Available in 300, 340, 400 and 500 spine deflection with ±.006-inch straightness tolerance. MSRP: $44.99/Six-pack fletched with premium Bully vanes. Contact:

Broadheads: When the “Bullet” Hits the Bone


Afflictor K2-Fixed

The 100-grain low profile, cut-on-contact Afflictor K2-Fixed is a true flying, deep penetrating fixed-blade broadhead. With replaceable .059-inch thick blades and a 1 1/8-inch cut stainless steel main blade and 1-inch cut secondary stainless steel blade, the K2-Fixed crushes bones and produces massive wound channels. Originally designed to fill the need for a dependable and accurate fixed-blade broadhead for high-speed crossbows, the K2-Fixed has fast become a favorite for compound and recurve hunters for its field tip accuracy and unstoppable penetration. MSRP: $42.99/Package of three. Contact:


Dead Ringer Hatchet

Dead Ringer’s 100-grain Hatchet broadhead lives up to its name — with a durable, streamlined chisel tip design and surgically sharp rear-deployed 2-inch mechanical blades that plow through muscle and bone for devastating terminal performance. Built tough, its carbon steel construction coated with black nickel and two-blade design promote short blood trails and quick recoveries. Blades are deployed by small additional bleeder blades upon entry and secured in place with a plastic collar. Blade thickness is .033 inches. MSRP: $34.99/Pack of three. Contact:


Excalibur Crossbow Trail Blazer

Designed by crossbow hunters, Excalibur Trail Blazer broadheads are made specifically for today’s fastest horizontal bows. Available in 100- and 150-grain versions, these three-blade broadheads feature a massive 1.75-inch cut diameter, cut-on-contact chisel point and a Dynamic Blade Control System that prevents blade breakage or deformity upon penetration. The Trail Blazer’s Clip-Loc design ensures blades will not deploy prior to impact and they have no rubber bands or collars to worry about. The 100-grain broadhead delivers long-range accuracy, deep penetration and a massive blood trail. The 150-grain model is a great choice when pursuing the biggest and baddest big game animals on the planet. MSRP: $64.99/Three-pack. Contact:


Innerloc Three-Blade Devastation

Innerloc’s three-blade Devastation broadhead features a tremendous 2-inch cut diameter that produces an enormous wound channel and massive hemorrhaging. Its Clip Loc design secures the blades and each broadhead is tuned for reliable performance, even out of today’s fastest crossbows. It features new patent pending Dynamic Blade Control (DBC) technology, which utilizes crushable inserts that independently adjust each blade’s position to its encountered resistance during penetration. This helps prevent blade breakage and deformity while increasing penetration. Devastation broadheads are available in 100- and 150-grain versions. Replaceable DBC inserts are available. MSRP: $49.99/Three-pack. Contact:


Muzzy Broadheads ONE Series

Muzzy Broadheads has expanded its ONE line of one-piece broadheads to include 85-, 100- and 125-grain versions. The ONE is machined from a single piece of premium stainless steel, giving Muzzy the ability to precisely control all tolerances and deliver a truly bad to the bone broadhead. The hybrid chisel/cut-on-contact tip blasts through bone for increased penetrating power, while precision positioned vents on the blades ensure premium accuracy. Each configuration features three deadly .046-inch thick blades with a 1-inch cutting diameter for the 85-grain, 1.125-inch for the 100-grain and 1.25-inch cut for the 125-grain version. The Muzzy ONE can be easily re-sharpened on a flat stone and is easy to tune. MSRP: $44.99/Three-pack. Contact:


Ramcat Broadheads Diamondback Hybrid

Ramcat Broadheads’ new Diamondback Hybrid does just what quality broadheads are meant to do — deliver accurate flight and devastating terminal performance upon impact. Fitted with a 7/8-inch fixed blade for the leading cut followed by a pair of 2+-inch expanding mechanical blades, the Diamondback delivers the best of both worlds with its fixed/mechanical blade hybrid design. It features a concave air foil scoop for lethal accuracy and deep penetration with its mechanical blades secured in flight with an O-ring system. MSRP: $44.99/Three-pack. Contact:


Strickland’s Archery Helix

Strickland’s Archery Helix cut-on-contact fixed-blade broadhead delivers proven accuracy and deep penetration for extreme blood loss when fired from crossbows and traditional and compound bows. Its single bevel aerodynamic design and sharpened back cause rotation in flight that continues after impact, working in tandem with the arrow’s fletching. To best take advantage of that, the Helix is designed for either left- or right-wing fletched arrows in 125- to 200-grain weights. This is a unique principle in broadhead design — steerage from the front — which results in greater overall arrow stability in fight. Helix broadheads are consistent in weight and guaranteed to be hunt-ready sharp. MSRP: $59.95/Three-pack/All sizes with aluminum ferrules; $79.95/Three-pack/All sizes with steel ferrules. Contact:


Swhacker’s Levi Morgan Signature Series #269

Swhacker’s Levi Morgan Series #269 125-grain expandable broadhead features a unique arced blade design that reduces resistance after entry, retaining greater arrow momentum and delivering increased pass-through performance. The #269’s reinforced ribbed ferrule delivers up to 20 percent greater strength and rigidity and the broadhead includes Swhacker’s Blade-Lock technology, allowing shooters to lock the expandable blades in the closed position so they can practice with the exact broadheads they will be using in the field. This new-for-2020 broadhead has a sleek 1-inch profile in flight and opens to 2.5 inches after penetration. It supports Swhacker’s unique Hunt Ready Plug system that keeps blades closed during hunting applications. MSRP: $44.95/Three-pack. Contact:

Arrow Rests: Try the Rest, Shoot the Best


Apex-Gear Surge

A well-tuned arrow rest does much more than just hold the arrow and the Surge drop-away arrow rest from Apex Gear is a good example. It clicks up to support the arrow with no vertical movement during the draw and stays up when the bow is let down gently. At the shot, the launcher stays up for a precisely timed moment — supporting the arrow during initial movement. Then the launcher drops down rapidly as the vanes approach the rest, providing clean and consistent arrow flight. The Surge’s steady-drop technology reduces launcher bounce and precision bearings reduce friction and increase speed. It also features a laser-marked full-draw indicator, independent windage/elevation adjustments and two launcher sizes for maximum compatibility. MSRP: $82.99. Contact:


Trophy Ridge Biscuit V

Trophy Ridge, maker of the original Whisker Biscuit arrow rest recently introduced the all-new Whisker Biscuit V lineup. The innovative V-notch naturally centers the arrow using fewer points of contact, eliminating side-to-side arrow movement, resulting in consistent arrow trajectory shot after shot. The perpendicular bristles reduce vane drag and allow the arrow to slice through the bristles with ease, maintaining velocity with every shot. The Whisker Biscuit V lineup consists of four models including the Whisker Biscuit V, V-Plus, V-Con and V-Max. Each model of the Whisker Biscuit V lineup includes incremental upgrades such as windage and elevation adjustments, all-aluminum construction, up to micro-windage and elevation adjustments in the highest end V-Max. MSRP: $49.99-$79.99. Contact:


Trophy Taker X-Treme Pro Lockup

High-tech compound bows perform to their optimum only when properly fitted with high-performance accessories. In the case of arrow rests, any unwanted friction or malfunction renders preseason preparation null and void. Trophy Taker has taken away those worries with its X-Treme Pro Lockup — a cable-actuated drop-away arrow rest built for extreme hunting situations. A built-in noise dampening system creates church-mouse stealth and its dual-bearing operation ensures a smooth and quiet draw and release. The X-Treme Pro Lockup has a rubber over-molded steel containment ring with a quiet launcher via its signature launcher bumper system. The arrow rest is covered with fleece to make it completely silent and includes an arrow guide and limb mounts. MSRP: $129. Contact:

Bowsights: Taking Deadly Aim


Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite

The Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite bowsight has all of the features of the Ascent Verdict in a more lightweight, compact package. The Mountain Lite utilizes Black Gold’s new Dual Indicator System, giving the archer the option of using two independent yardage indictors to set up multiple marks using different pins and the same sight tape. Dial short or dial far with the Dual Indicator System. The Mountain Lite is built with an extra rugged photochromatic shell that blocks UV light — no more dull pins in bright light conditions. It features first, second and third axis adjustments, angled 45-degree sight tape, is lens adaptable and comes with three- or five pin heads. MSRP: $283.95-$295.95.


Burris Oracle

The Oracle laser-rangefinder bowsight from Burris instantly provides compound bowhunters with the exact distance to their target and exact aiming point while at full draw. It eliminates aiming between pins by calculating and displaying the aiming point for any distance and shot angle. The laser activation button mounts to the riser for quick, convenient access and a push of the button activates the built-in IR laser rangefinder. Within seconds, the range to the target is shown along with an illuminated pin for the exact drop and angle-compensated aim point. A durable, all aluminum, water-resistant housing ensures reliable performance in the field and a glassless sight window prevents glare, fog or debris from blocking the target. MSRP: $799. Contact:


HHA Sports Tetra LT

The new-for-2020 Tetra LT bowsight from HHA Sports is compact, lightweight and loaded with features. It’s a breeze to set up and is a great sighting option for bowhunters and 3D shooters alike. With its precise and reliable R.D.S. sight tape system, 20- to 80-yard accuracy is easily attained. And there are no quiver mounting issues with the Tetra LT. While most quivers mount with the enclosed bushings and hardware, some archers prefer or require a closer-to-the-bow fit. The Tetra LT’s optional quiver bracket provides needed clearance and still allows for full operation of the sight with the quiver attached to the bow. MSRP: $209.99–$269.99. Contact:


Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

The Fast Eddie XL is Spot Hogg’s latest addition to its Mobb series of bowsights. Built off the original Fast Eddie sight, the Fast Eddie XL features a newly designed 6-inch dovetail bar and quick release bow mount — with special attention given to the bar design to maximize strength and minimize weight. The Fast Eddie XL is easy to remove and reinstall while still maintaining perfect sight marks. Other features include Rack Stop for a quick return to zero, MRT multi-pin housing, micro-adjustable second and third axis, coarse horizontal and vertical adjustments, solid 6061 aluminum construction and much more. Retail: $289.99. Contact:


TRUGLO Five-pin Veros 

The Veros Five-pin bowsight from TruGlo employs a unique design where all fiber optics are enclosed in a protective cover that provides maximum light exposure while protecting fibers from the elements. Additionally, when using the included LED light, the shielding blocks light from everything but the fibers. The Veros features unique Pro•Brite pins designed for increased durability and brightness. It is adjustable for right- and left-handed shooters, and its new and improved shooter’s ring has enhanced green day glow and glow-in-the-dark features. The Veros has micro-adjustable windage and elevation settings with strong pro-loaded joints, mid-bracket elevation adjustment and comes in black or Realtree EDGE camo. MSRP: $94.99. Contact:


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