Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD

The Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD is lightweight, has an inside diameter of .203 inches, and features Tri-Spine Technology for tremendous accuracy.

Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD

Structured to offer a blend of strength, speed and tunability, the .203-inch (inner diameter) Photon SD promotes outstanding accuracy, reduced wind-drift and enhanced penetration. It also doesn’t require special insert systems thanks to an aluminum half-out insert design. The shaft is fabricated from a custom weave of 30-ton carbon, and the company says it recovers 25 percent faster out of the bow than comparable models. This lightweight arrow features Tri-Spine Technology and generates up to four times the accuracy of traditionally constructed single spine arrows. The white-colored midsection also makes it easier to see blood on the shaft.

Available in .300 spine (8.9 gpi); .350 spine (8.1 gpi) and .400 spine (7.2 gpi). It has a straightness tolerance of +/- .0001-inch, weight tolerance of +/- 1.0-grains and a spine selection tolerance of +/- .002-inch. MSRP: $134.99/per six pack fletched. CONTACT:


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