CBE Products Available Now With Fast Shipping

Demand for archery products has been at unprecedented levels since COVID-19 hit, but CBE has been keeping up by working long hours and adding machine and assembly capacity.

CBE Products Available Now With Fast Shipping

Custom Bow Equipment (CBE) is a premier manufacturer of archery sights and accessories for both bowhunters and target archers. CBE knows that 2021 has proven to be no less challenging than 2020 for businesses and customers alike. In many cases, supply chain disruptions across the globe continue to rile the manufacturing and transportation of goods in virtually every industry. These disruptions have caused record backorders on everything from children's toys to appliances to even archery accessories. The unprecedented demand for goods, coupled with the restricted supply chain over the last 15 months, has drastically impacted supply speed. There is no industry untouched by these disruptions.

“This year has brought unprecedented demand for CBE products," said Josh Sidebottom, COO of The Outdoor Group. "Through coordination with our suppliers, adding machine and assembly capacity, and some incredibly long hours for our team, we have managed to keep up with demand. We're now to the point we can ship virtually any CBE product within just a few days. And if retailers order on our Partner Portal — which allows 24/7 ordering — we're able to get orders out even faster.”

For more information, visit www.custombowequipment.com or contact 1-877-503-5483 to speak to a CBE representative.


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