Celerant Technology Partners With Kinsey’s on eCommerce Archery Websites

Archery dealers can now launch Cumulus eCommerce from Celerant Technology, which is pre-loaded with Kinsey’s archery products and images.
Celerant Technology Partners With Kinsey’s on eCommerce Archery Websites

Celerant Technology is a provider of innovative retail solutions for the archery/outdoor industry, and it recently announced that its easy-to-use platform, Cumulus eCommerce, now offers a pre-populated database of archery-related products and accessories from Kinsey’s.

What this means is archery dealers from coast to coast now have the ability to order Kinsey’s products from an in-store kiosk, which enables dealers to sell more products in-store and online with ease. In addition, Cumulus eCommerce integrates with Celerant’s fully-featured retail point-of-sale solution, allowing dealers to manage their website, store, archery range and memberships all within a single solution.

Celerant Technology

Cumulus eCommerce Benefits

Through Celerant's vendor integrations, dealers can display products from Kinsey’s, other distributors, plus their own physical inventory simultaneously — all in a centralized view. Cumulus eCommerce can pull data feeds from each distributor, consisting of product names, descriptions, images and available stock levels, then immediately display those products online in nearly real-time, which eliminates the need to manually import data. Cumulus also offers the ability for dealers to modify product data to further differentiate their website, as well as prioritize which vendor's products to sell first.

Important note: Archery dealers that sell firearms can leverage Celerant’s integrated A&D Book and electronic Form 4473 for ATF compliance, and integrate with many firearm distributors.

Cumulus eCommerce allows dealers to easily manage their pricing strategy, and incentivize customers by offering promotions, coupons and loyalty programs. Pricing rules can be applied to each distributor, specific categories, departments, pricing levels, a percentage increase, or a dollar amount over cost. In addition, dealers can easily change pricing data while in edit mode, and deactivate distributors as needed.

By clicking on a product in edit mode, dealers can quickly view which distributor that product comes from, the distributor’s live on-hand quantity, and the cost for that product. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing tool, dealers can make cosmetic changes to their website, change the order of how departments/products are displayed, create product collections for their home page or landing pages, and update product descriptions/images on the fly.

Celerant Technology

When a customer comes into a store looking for a product the dealer doesn’t carry, the dealer can use an in-store kiosk or mobile device to access Kinsey’s available products, in real-time, search for the brand and item, and complete the sale in-store, via their website’s shopping cart. Celerant’s retail point of sale and eCommerce system will automatically send the order to Kinsey’s to be fulfilled and shipped to either the customer’s home or the store.


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