Chuck Adams Breaks Two P&Y World Records and Other Industry News

Chuck Adams breaks two P&Y world records; Team USA’s Kevin Mather adds world gold to Paralympic title; Darrin Christenberry earns first-ever left-handed win; Team USA shines at World Archery Youth Championships; and ATA announces "First Night's On Us" at 2024 Show.

Chuck Adams Breaks Two P&Y World Records and Other Industry News

Chuck Adams Breaks Two Pope and Young World Records

Pope and Young recently announced that Chuck Adams has set two new world records, both Sitka blacktail in velvet categories. Pope and Young announced 13 new world records at its 33rd Biennial Convention in April of this year.

Chuck Adams broke the record with his typical Sitka blacktail in the velvet category with his giant 5x5 buck he shot in 2021 scoring 109 7/8 inches. The buck was shot on Kodiak Island, Alaska, on August 12, 2021, and with the score being verified by a special panel of measurers, it is now recognized as the new world record.

“Amazingly, the very first deer I saw on my 2021 Alaskan bow hunt was a giant 5x5,” Adams said. “I had been hiking for an hour and spotted big antlers above a ridge. I told myself it might be the largest Sitka rack I had ever seen. After a long crawl, I shot the buck from 36 yards. This is the best scoring typical blacktail I have ever taken during 18 trips to Kodiak, and a Pope and Young world record!”

Adams also topped the charts with the giant non-typical Sitka blacktail that he shot in velvet on August 22, 2022, also on Kodiak Island. Adams shot this buck, scoring 117 7/8 inches, after 26 long days on Kodiak Island. Adams’ non-typical Sitka blacktail was confirmed at the February 2023 Pope and Young Panel Verification in Reno, Nevada.

“After 26 do-it-yourself days on Kodiak, I spotted a huge non-typical Sitka buck” Adams said. “I circled to get the wind right and crawled between tundra humps until the bedded buck’s oddball antlers appeared. Finally, the giant 5x7 stood up and presented a 33-yard shot. This is by far the largest Sitka I have ever seen, and I consider it the single best animal I have ever taken with a bow.”

“Chuck is no stranger to our membership and the archery world, and has set the benchmark many times in many Pope and Young trophy categories,” stated Pope and Young Director of Records Tim Rozewski. “I don’t know another person who puts in as much effort as this man to achieve his hunting goals. Both world record bucks have an incredible story, and the success is a credit to his tenacity and drive. He believes in the mission of Pope and Young and supports it with all his heart. The typical Sitka blacktail in velvet surpasses the previous world record by just 6/8 of an inch, while his non-typical Sitka blacktail in velvet is 28 2/8 inches larger than the previous world record.”

Adams killed both of his new world record velvet Sitka blacktails using a Bear Archery Alaskan compound.

Team USA’s Kevin Mather Adds World Gold to Paralympic Title

Paralympic champion Kevin Mather of Team USA is now world champion after claiming gold (recurve men open event) at the World Archery Para Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Kevin Mather
Kevin Mather

Mather, who won gold at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2 years ago, held his nerve having lost the first set of the recurve men open to defeat Ruslan Tsymbaliuk of Ukraine 6-2.

“It feels pretty amazing right now,” he said just moments after his success in Pilsen. “I’m just blown away.”

Mather lost the opening set to the 34th seed, shooting a 24 to Tsymbaliuk’s 27, but after remedying the problem, he was then able to move up through the gears with scores of 25, 25 and 27. He said of the first set, “The first end, my right (wheelchair) brake wasn’t locked, so when I shot I kinda wheeled around a little bit. And I’m just like, ‘I’m moving more than normal’.”

Despite the loss of the first set and movement issues, Mather was quick to put it behind him to turn the contest around, allowing him to return home a gold medalist and world champion.

“I just stick with my process,” he added. “I have a very specific process that I run that leads to my best shots.

“Sometimes a hiccup happens here and there, and you’ve just got to re-focus on that good shot again. I don’t try to think ‘Oh, what happened there?’ and try to solve that problem. I just go right back to what was the best way for me to shoot an arrow right now and that was good enough today.”

As Paralympic and world champion, Mather is clearly a name within archery, a role model and an inspiration, something he is happy to embrace in a sport which has given him so much.

“I hope I can inspire people to shoot archery,” he said. “People with disabilities around the world can see it and see that there’s more they can do with their lives.

“I’ve been involved in several sports and archery has really given me a good place, a home amongst teammates and amongst competitors. Everybody here is like a big family. I love being a part of this sport; it’s amazing.”

Darrin Christenberry Earns First-Ever Left-Handed Win

Not a day goes by that Elite Archery Pro Staff Coordinator Darrin Christenberry doesn’t pick up his bow. Once he started shooting professionally in February 1991, he had no plans of stopping. However, after many years of shooting right-handed, he physically could not aim his bow right-handed anymore and was faced with a big decision to make. With noticeable vibrations and shakes that affected his accuracy, his confidence had been depleted, and he was ready to quit. Against his better judgment – he didn’t. After 21 years of competing at the highest level right-handed, letting go of this life-long sport simply wasn’t an option.

It's been 2 years and 1 month since Christenberry made the switch and started teaching himself to shoot left-handed. While he has taken home some podium finishes along the way, last week was his first ever No. 1 on the podium as a left-handed shooter.

“Well . . .  that was pretty cool!,” he said. “It’s been 10 years and 3 months since I’ve stood on the top step of the pro podium! First win as a lefty, and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone for the support and positive feedback.”

The competition itself took place in the third leg of the IBO Triple Crown in Nelsonville, Ohio, and Christenberry competed in the PSR Class. After completing the 40-target qualification and heading into the shootoff in the lead, he did not want to give this tournament away. It had been years since he had started a shootoff in the lead, so he asked himself, “Are you gonna rise to the occasion or give it away?”

“I truly love archery. I live it and I breathe it . . . having success on the tournament trail just sweetens the whole deal for me,” Christenberry said.

Team USA Shines at World Archery Youth Championships

Team USA departed Limerick, Ireland, with 10 medals from the World Archery Youth Championships, made up of three gold, three silver and four bronze.

Double world champion Dewey Hathaway captured two gold and a bronze, those medals coming in the compound U18 individual, mixed team and team events. In the team event, he was partnered with Grady Kane and Landyn Cox.

Olivia Dean is also a world champion. She joined forces with Hathaway to win the compound U18 mixed team title. She was also part of the compound U18 women’s team that took silver, along with Leann Drake and Liko Arreola. Drake and Arreola also won silver and bronze respectively in the individual event.

Sydney Sullenberger won an individual gold and team bronze, in the compound U21 women's division. Her bronze medal-winning teammates were Makenna Proctor and Carson Krahe. The compound U21 men of Isaac Sullivan, Sawyer Sullivan and Nathan Wilken also received a bronze medal for their superb efforts.

Recurve success came from Gabrielle Sasai and Christian Stoddard. They took second spot and a silver medal in the U18 mixed team.

ATA Announces "First Night's On Us" at 2024 Show

The ATA and Explore St. Louis have partnered to cover the cost of one hotel night for each ATA-member retailer attending the 2024 ATA Show in St. Louis, January 11-13.

All registered ATA-member retailers who book their rooms through the official housing provider will receive a $150 credit on their bill for the first night of their hotel stay thanks to ATA's "First Night's on Us" hotel promotion. You stay and the ATA will pay $150 toward the first night. Hotel reservations will open the same day as ATA Show registration on Aug. 1, 2023, and the promotional credit will automatically apply to your first night's stay.

The ATA Hotel Block includes seven hotels. Five of the seven hotels in the ATA block are located directly across from America’s Center, with two of the others providing free shuttle service. Hotels in the ATA block are guaranteed to have the lowest rates.

About the 2024 Show

  • ATA Show Registration: Registration for the 2024 ATA Show opens Aug. 1, so mark your calendar.
  • ATA Show Floor Plan: The 2024 ATA Show floor is quickly filling with exhibitors. Take a peek at the hundreds of manufacturers that have already secured their spot.
  • Parking: Hotels in the ATA block will offer reduced parking rates ranging from 10% to 30% off for all ATA hotel guests staying at one of the contract hotels.
  • ATA's Hotel Block: Hotels in the ATA block are guaranteed to have the lowest rates. The official housing block opens Aug. 1. Beware of scammers. The only provider of the official ATA housing block is Orchid Events. Any other communications you receive regarding ATA Show hotels are scams.

If you have questions, please contact Beth Berkheimer, ATA's Trade Show director, at (507) 233-8141 or


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