Code Blue D/Code Compression Bags

Code Blue D/Code Compression Bags keep a hunter’s clothing scent-free and makes it more compact for packing.

Code Blue D/Code Compression Bags

Code Blue D/Code compression bags provide a great storage option for keeping hunting clothes scent-free. These large 20x28-inch bags feature a double-zipper design and one-way valve for easy use. Hunters can store their clothes in D/Code compression bags after washing them in scent-eliminating laundry detergent or after treating them with an ozone unit — for the entire offseason or for the next hunting trip.

Once compressed, hunting clothes can easily fit into a duffle bag or a plastic-storage tub, and with the one-way valve hunters at remote locations, don’t need a vacuum to compress all of their gear for the trip home.

MSRP: $12.99/Four-pack



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