Code Blue Earth Scent Spray

Stop your stink and help fool a whitetail’s nose with Code Blue Earth Scent Spray.

Code Blue Earth Scent Spray

Scent control is a critical part of any successful hunt. Code Blue’s D/Code Earth Scent spray provides an excellent option using the natural cover scent of fresh earth. Earth Scent’s all-natural formula has the same proven scent-eliminating power of D/Code, its highly effective odor-fighting ingredients masking human and other foreign odors. Simultaneously, the fresh-earth scent is a time-tested cover scent that works well in deer country everywhere. Simply spray on clothing, boots and gear to kill odors and leave a natural fresh-earth smell. Earth Scent spray is available in 24-ounce bottles.

MSRP: $11.99/24 fluid ounces



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