Elite Archery’s Richard Bowen Shoots the First Perfect 690 Score in Competition

Before Richard Bowen, no archer had ever shot a perfect 360 score on a five-spot target, plus a perfect 330 score on a Vegas target during the same competition.

Elite Archery’s Richard Bowen Shoots the First Perfect 690 Score in Competition

During the recent Kansas City Shootout, which was hosted by Independence Bowhunters in Raytown, Missouri, Richard Bowen became the first archer to shoot a perfect 360 score on a five spot target, plus a perfect 330 score on a Vegas target in the same competition.

If you’re new to target archery and its scoring, let me provide some context on Bowen’s accomplishment. 

In the images shown here, Bowen is holding a five-spot target (left) and a Vegas target (right). On the five-spot target, he shot 12 arrows that landed in or touched the x-ring of each bull’s-eye (12 arrows x 5 targets = 60 total arrows). Shot distance was 20 yards. 

The x-ring is worth 5 points, so hitting it 60 times gave him a score of 300, but in archer’s lingo, it’s called a 360 because of the 60 x’s. In other words, if he’d shot 59 x’s, then his final score would have been 359. But he didn’t miss, not once.

The 5-point circle on this target measures 3 1/8” in diameter, and the x-ring measures only 1 9/16” in diameter. Bowen fired 60 consecutive arrows that landed in or touched this 1 9/16” x-ring from 20 yards.

Image from AAE Facebook.
Image from AAE Facebook.

Regarding the Vegas target (right in photo): Bowen fired 30 arrows from 20 yards. This target is scored differently than a five-spot target. With a Vegas target, the x-ring circle measures a hair over 3/4” in diameter, and it counts for 11 points. (The 10-ring measures 1 9/16”.) A copper penny will just fit inside the x-ring of a Vegas target. Each of Bowen’s 30 arrows landed in or touched the tiny penny-sized x-ring of this target, so his final score was 330 (30 x 11 = 330).

“This 330, along with the 360, is the first time a tournament with this format has been ‘cleaned’ (won with a perfect score), said Darrin Christenberry, pro staff coordinator for The Outdoor Group. “Several times, archers have shot the 360 on the blue face target and then shot a 329 on the Vegas face, but never followed with a 330!”

Richard Bowen’s Gear List: 

Bowen had this to say after his amazing performance: “It’s my first 30X (Vegas) round in competition, and the first for the new Scott Archery Apex. The new Elite Rezult 36 shoots fantastic, and I’m really happy with how I shoot it under pressure. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing everyone out shooting again.”


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