Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil

Poured on a stump, tree, rubbing post or the ground near an ambush location, Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil helps hunters lure in wild hogs for close-range shots.

Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil

Wild hogs have a complex social structure that begins at an early age. Their sense of smell is incredibly acute and plays a huge role in their lives. And that’s two good reasons why Elusive Wildlife’s Pig Oil is so effective as an attractant for hunting them. It is so strong that hogs can smell just a few molecules of it in over a billion molecules of air.

Simply pour Pig Oil on a tree or rubbing post (photo above) near a ground blind or treestand and attract wild hogs for miles. It also works great as a trap lure and will keep them coming week after week.

MSRP: $24.99/32 ounces

CONTACT: www.elusivewildlife.com


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