Essential Archery Pro Shop Tools

Is your archery pro shop workbench outfitted with the latest tools for servicing bows?

Essential Archery Pro Shop Tools

Photo by John Hafner

In the height of the busy season, how efficiently can you perform service work such as re-serving a bowstring or re-fletching a dozen arrows? Are you continually frustrated with mediocre tools? Do you and your staff struggle to stay organized and find yourselves treading water? How satisfied are your archery customers with your work and turnaround times?

Top-notch tools improve efficiency and help you to produce high-quality work. Think of it this way: If you’re a plumber and you’re called to fix a leak, you don’t show up with only a roll of Teflon tape to save the day. If you do, you probably have to run back to your workshop to retrieve tools needed to do the job correctly. If you show up with all of your plumbing tools right away, then you’ll probably be able to tackle the job faster and without making needless runs. Efficiency and quality of work are unique traits every service person — regardless of the job field — must have to earn a solid reputation and gain customers.

Archery technicians are no different. You can’t properly execute every complex operation without the correct tools. Sure, some hacks can get you by here and there, but if you rely on them, your work will show it. Thus, it’s critical to outfit your workbench with the right tools, even replacing worn-out or obsolete tools or adding ones you’re missing.

Following is a list of the newest pro shop tools. If you’re a new archery retailer building a new business, use this list as a guide for choosing useful tools. Or, if you’ve been in business a while, consider going through your existing tools. If you need to fill in some gaps or replace worn-out pieces of equipment, consider making some updates to your repertoire based on this list.



When it comes to serving separation, re-serving is fast and seamless with AAE’s Pro String Server (below, left), which is constructed from heavy-duty, anodized aluminum and uses a double-bar tension system. A no-fray thread guide hole feeds serving smoothly, while self-centering washers provide even tension as you serve. This USA-made serving tool is easy to use and will produce high-quality servings.

AAE’s Mag-Clip (above, right) has dozens of uses, but for archery technicians, it can keep keys and small tools organized and ready on your belt loop. The magnetized ends featuring key rings allow you to remove tools with ease, then return them when you’re finished. Available in eight distinctive colors, you can choose something less noticeable or something that really stands out — your choice.

MSRP: $19.99 (Pro String Server); $8.49 (Mag-Clips)




When you need a large target to stop arrows in your range or test-firing lane, look no further than Block’s Super Range.

This 48x48-inch monster uses friction to stop arrows in its unglued, open-layered friction foam. It stops all arrows, even those fired from crossbows. Arrow removal is quite easy, but more importantly, the target life is astounding. With so much surface area and its high-end patented technology, the Super Range, dollar for dollar, gives you the longest-lasting target for your money.

MSRP: $949




The fully adjustable Multi-Fletcher from Bohning accommodates all arrow types and diameters. Adhesive cleanup is simple — wipe with acetone, and you’re done.

The durable 16-gauge stainless-steel frame easily fastens down to your wooden workbench or let it free stand and move it to whatever location is most convenient. The Snap-Lock, Easy-Change Clamps provide consistent positioning to ensure proper fletching alignment and adhesion. Seven colored inserts provide the gamut of fletch orientations — feather 2 degrees right and left, vane 1 degree right and left, vane 3 degrees right and left, and vane straight.

MSRP: $129.99



Carbon Express

After sawing arrow shafts to length, the cut ends are commonly uneven or have burrs. Easily square and de-burr them with CX’s Arrow Squaring Tool.

The hunting-arrow model comes with three different mandrel sizes — .166 inches, .203 inches and .244 inches. A target-arrow model covers .318 inches, .349 inches and .378 inches arrow diameters. Twist by hand or connect a hand drill to square shaft ends with a bit more force. Simply insert the tool into the shaft and rotate, letting the de-burring plate remove burrs and square the shaft for positive insert-to-shaft fitment. Clean de-burred shafts with alcohol or acetone, then finish by installing the inserts. The results will show when your customers shoot at long range or with broadheads.

MSRP: $22.99



Easton Archery

The Archery Essentials Value Pack includes a broadhead wrench, D-loop rope, serving thread, wedge arrow puller, bowstring wax, nock tool, XL hex wrench set and a zippered case cube.

Convenient for bow technicians, the Archery Essentials Value Pack also makes an excellent solution for consumers who’re heading on backcountry hunts or who simply want the ability to address minor fixes on their own. Not only are all tools within the kit necessary, but the case keeps everything organized so you can find it when you need it.

MSRP: $42.99



G5 Outdoors

Eliminate the risk of loose broadheads with G5’s Torkee broadhead wrench. This is a useful tool for your customers to buy from you.

For customers who have you install their broadheads, this tool simplifies your duties — safely and quickly install broadheads consistently with 7 inch-pounds of pressure. Two tabs provide an easy reference so that you know when you’ve applied the correct amount of pressure. When they touch one another, you’re done. To remain properly seated, a broadhead must be tightened to at least 5 inch-pounds. Hence, the Torkee solves the dilemma of loose broadheads, ensuring that they remain seated so they can perform adequately.

Perfect for pro shops or consumers, G5 Outdoors’ next-generation Arrow Squaring Device has arrived. The ASD Flip is tailored for bow technicians and archers who strive to maximize arrow performance. It squares up both shaft ends, as well as the insert, removing unwanted burs often resulting from arrow saws.

Unlike other squaring devices, the ASD Flip is designed to achieve squareness or perpendicularity to the arrow shaft of .0001 inches. Unlike the original, the ASD Flip works with both bare and fletched shafts. It also works with any diameter of carbon or aluminum arrow.

MSRP: $9.95 (Torkee); $42.95 (ASD Flip)



Last Chance Archery

LCA’s aptly-named Revolution Arrow Saw is environmentally friendly, reducing harmful and messy carbon dust — keeping your shop safer and cleaner.

Attach a shop vacuum cleaner to collect carbon dust and water while sawing arrows. This new saw is the do-all solution for building precise arrows — deburr arrow-shaft edges, square the ends and clean the inside of the shaft with a wire brush and brush mop. Then, check shaft straightness with the integrated arrow spinner. A blade-and-motor housing reduces noise. The Revolution Arrow Saw is complete with an integrated broadhead tightener. Easily and quickly adjust the saw to any length and let the 10,000 RPM motor provide the market’s cleanest cut and quietest operation.

Often, a bowstring or cable can be revived by merely addressing serving separations. Say hello to the market’s most advanced serving jig, LCA’s Reserve Pro.

Reserve any bowstring or cable of any length, applying up to 250 pounds of pressure for a tight, no-slip serving job. Conveniently mount it to your LCA bow press or to your workbench — your choice! Easy to set up and use, the Reserve Pro helps you turn out quality work in little time with an initial expense that’ll pay for itself in no time.

MSRP: $580 (Revolution Arrow Saw); $365 (Reserve Pro)



Pine Ridge Archery

Eventually, everyone faces a stubborn, tough-to-extract arrow buried deep in a target, and here I include bow techs. Some arrow finishes make getting a solid grip nearly impossible. I’ve pulled on many an arrow to the point of frustration and my face turning purple. For those stubborn arrows, get a grip with Pine Ridge’s Big Gripper Arrow Puller.

The ergonomic design provides a positive fit for maximum leverage when pulling arrows. It also can be used to turn off multiple types of lighted nocks or tighten three different sizes of field points. It’s handy to have in your shooting range, and when customers see how well it works, you can expect to sell them one for their home practice.

MSRP: $12.95



Saunders Archery

Paper tuning is a primary function for setting up bows or diagnosing arrow-flight flaws. Easily mount the Saunders Best-Shot onto a tripod so you can move it aside when not in use. Or, you can take it apart in seconds and store it inside itself, putting it up on a shelf if floor space is a premium inside your service area. The tube holds and dispenses wax paper as needed, and the paper is easy to replace. Not only is it ultra-convenient, but it’s also a professional-grade tool with excellent aesthetics.

Saunders has been the go-to brand for nock-setting pliers since 1964. However, its latest Nok-Set Pliers deliver superior comfort — air-cushioned grips — and functionality for demanding archery techs. Easily open a nock with one squeeze, and easily monitor alignment when setting a new nock, thanks to the perfectly spaced, non-marring jaws.

MSRP: $47.95 (Best-Shot); $18.95 (Nok-Set Pliers)



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